Published on 27 March 2023

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A renewed dynamism with a net return of tourists supported by excellent summer weather and long weekends. Zoom on the figures for the year 2022.

The year 2022: the great return of visitors to the destination!

In terms of attendance, these are close to 22 million tourists and day trippers* (including 14 million day-trippers) who have visited the territory (i.e. 41% more compared to 2021) and 6,5 million tourist overnight stays (market and non-market) counted, 35% more than last year. A good increase above the regional average (+ 28%).

The long weekends that were the busiest are:

  • July 14th ;
  • August 15th ;
  • Ascent.

To these weekends are added those of the school holidays (Easter, Pentecost, All Saints...).

*Excursionist: does not stay on the territory and does not reside in Calvados

Summer holidays alone account for 35% of overnight stays for the year. 

An increase in attendance felt in tourist offices

The tourist office was also able to observe this increase in attendance thanks to its number of visitors: + 42% compared to 2021 (172 visitors).

Despite a number of visitors still down compared to the years before the pandemic, the number of requests continues to increase and almost reaches those of 2019: 85 requests, only 1% less than before Covid-19!

People at the heart of advice on stay

Of all the requests made, 80% are made on site, in the tourist information offices. It is further noted that 63% of visitors to the tourist office looking for a information from stay counselors : in 2019, only 42% did so.

This figure proves the interest shown more and more by tourists in contact with people and advice on personalized stays.

75% of tourists in the area are French!

Tourists mainly come from nearby regions. Their origin in a few figures:

  • 50% from Île-de-France;
  • 17% from Normandy;
  • 9% from Hauts-de-France.

It moves a little more on the foreign side

This change is felt mainly by Europeans who are gradually returning to our country. Among the foreign tourists, we find:

  • 19% British (+ 8,7 points compared to 2021);
  • 16% Dutch;
  • 15% Germans.

The Belgians leave the podium for 4th place (8%).

Source: Tourism Vision feed and OTI data

A tourist tax of more than €1

The tourist tax, a marker of visitor numbers in commercial accommodation, has never been so high: €1.

Campsites were the most popular (40% of commercial accommodation in number of nights) and were more than satisfied with their 2022 season! A feeling confirmed at the regional level since open-air accommodation reached record attendance in 2022. Campsites are followed by furnished tourist accommodation (32% of overnight stays) and hotels (15% of overnight stays).

Le occupancy rate of rental accommodation from individual to individual is progressing, rising from 40,51% in 2021 to 41,48% in 2022 and the month of August is doing well with an occupancy rate of 80,50% (77,6% in 2021).

The number of rental units from individual to individual increased by 13,5%

Number of rental housing continues to grow in the territory: 2 offers, i.e. 785% more than in 13,5. An accommodation offer mainly composed of apartments (65%), listed at 59% on Airbnb and concentrated on the coastal part, Cabourg representing 49% of the rental offer.

Length of stay decreases

From year to year, the length of stays decreases, but remains above the regional average: 4,41 nights on average for this year. 56% of stays are short-term (3 nights or less), with 2-night stays being the most common (25% of stays).

July and August are the months with the longest stays, with an average of 5,7 nights and 5,3 nights respectively.

Last-minute reservations still have a bright future ahead of them.

46% of reservations are made less than a month before the visitor's arrival. However, this phenomenon has stabilized in recent years. Only reservations for the summer holidays stand out, with an average reservation anteriority of 2,5 months.

Source: Liwango.

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