Located in Normandy, in the department of Calvados, Normandy Cabourg Pays d'Auge is a land and sea destination that extends over 39 municipalities. A multi-faceted territory, and 4 tourist information offices to tell you about it! 

Go through the doors of our reception areas and let yourself be guided by our team of stay advisors who guarantee you a warm welcome and personalized advice on your stay.

Why meet us?

Even if our website has already been able to provide you with answers and make you want to come to us, human contact is something that we can never replace. We will be able to identify your requests and meet your needs, in a personalized way, because each visitor is unique!

More than holiday advisers, we are experts in the territory: from the shells of our beaches to the blade of grass in our Augeron countryside, we know our little condensed Normandy by heart and we love to talk about it!

So come and meet our dynamic, passionate, curious and talented team to make you love our destination and share the good tips of Normandy Cabourg Pays d'Auge.

A tailor-made travel notebook: the RoadBOOK!

In 2022, our tourist office says goodbye to paper (well, almost)! The events of 2020 have prompted us to revamp our front desk and adapt to the new requirements of our visitors. Increasingly precise needs, immediacy, sending reliable, up-to-date information by SMS or e-mail, less paper consumption... This is how we turned to a new way to respond to your requests: the personalized travel notebook!

A simple question or a complete detailed guide to prepare your visit or organize yourself on site? Our tourist advisors provide you with an answer with the greatest of care via the RoadBOOK. The principle ? You will receive a link by SMS or e-mail redirecting you to a travel notebook answering all your questions and offering you activities that correspond to your desires. 

Digital goes faster, people go further, and we are committed to offering you the best of both worlds!

Patrice Boulais, general manager of the Normandy Cabourg Pays d'Auge tourist office

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