Absolutely ! The tourist office and its service providers make every effort to make holidays accessible to everyone! You will find all the sites and places to visit, restaurants, accommodation and activities accessible on the territory in our dedicated brochure !

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A parking lot is reserved for equestrian vans at Merville-Franceville-Plage. This is the Magniez car park, which is located at the exit of the town towards the Home-Varaville.

Here's a good idea! The beach of Cabourg welcomes horses from April 1 to September 30, from 19 p.m. to 9 a.m. on the entire beach, and at each low tide (2 hours before and 2 hours after low tide time) throughout the rest of the year. However, be careful not to gallop for everyone's safety!

On the side of Houlgate, horses are allowed to ride on the strip of wet sand, at low tide, at a minimum distance of 200 m off the strip of dry sand. From June 15 to September 15, the passage of horses is only authorized at low tide, for a period of two hours (one hour before and one hour after low tide). In addition, on Sundays in July and August, horses may ride only before 10 a.m. and after 18:30 p.m. as well as on July 14 and August 15 (same rule for the weekend closest to each of the two public holidays).

The seaside resort of Merville-Franceville-Plage allows horses from June 16 to September 30 from 20 p.m. to 9 a.m., to the left of first aid station n°3 or to the right of the seagulls car park. All the rest of the year, you can go up at low tide (2 hours before and 2 hours after) and enjoy the whole beach. Beware of weekends, bridges and public holidays where you will have to respect the hours from 18 p.m. to 10 a.m.!

The dates and times are the same for Varaville, but apply to the entire range. However, the schedules change for weekends, bridges and public holidays the rest of the year: from 20 p.m. to 9 a.m.

Your 4-legged companions are welcome in several places on our beaches, but kept on a leash.

You can walk all day and all year round on the beach facing the dunes of Cape Cabourg (to the right of the boat descent), as well as Houlgate, at both ends of the beach (to the right of the casino on the cliff side and to the left of the temple aid station).

For Merville-Franceville-Plage in July and August, dogs can roam all day to the right of the aid station n°2 and to the left of aid station n°3 or from 20 p.m. to 9 a.m. on the rest of the beach. There are no restrictions for the rest of the year!

À Varaville, dogs are allowed from June 16 to September 30 to walk on the beach to the left of rue Bracke Morel all day, and on the entire beach from 20 p.m. to 9 a.m. Outside this period, they are allowed all day on the entire beach.


Depending on the classification of your accommodation, the tourist tax differs. Find all the details by category in the section applicable rate.

Do you own accommodation in the Normandy Cabourg Pays d'Auge area and would you like to make it available to holidaymakers during the season? Find all the legal information and procedures to follow in the rental guide.

Each visitor over 18 passing through one of our municipalities for one or more nights must pay the tourist tax. All the information on its amount is here !

Haven't found the perfect accommodation yet? Do not panic, on our accommodation page There is something for every taste ! From camping to seasonal rental through hotels or residences, you should find what you are looking for!


This is a show not to be missed! The Cabourg racecourse welcomes every year summer, trotting races every Tuesday and Friday evening, as well as from September to December punctually. The racecourseAngerville hosts 3 equestrian events each year.

Find the next races in our agenda !


Set off to attack the cockles, clams, prawns and tellines (species best known to us) which will perhaps adorn your evening table. It is possible to fish on foot Cabourg et Merville-Franceville-Plage from Friday to Monday, every day in July – August as well as public holidays, and at Houlgate all year.

Pay attention to the regulations (quantities and calibers authorized, tools to be preferred and check carefully if a prohibition order is in progress), everything is available on the site

Find our practical information on our dedicated page !

It is also possible to fish at sea with Normandy Fishing à Dives-sur-Mer, in the pond or from the eastern end of the beach (after the marina walkway) and at the entrance to the beach of Houlgate.

So yes, you can keep the fossils you find on the beach but no you can't dig to find them or break the stones! Be careful to preserve this Jurassic site ! Also make sure to get there in the window two hours before low tide so as not to be blocked by the rising water. You will find the tide times by here.

Over here, over here ! Tide schedules are available in digital format on our website or in paper format at all our tourist offices.

Deckchairs, baskets, parasol-tents and cabins brighten up our beaches on sunny days!

À Merville-Franceville-Plage, the beach baskets are installed for the season, in July-August. It is possible to rent them by contacting the first aid station directly (no reservations possible), between 10 a.m. and 18 p.m. They can be rented by the half-day (6€), by the day (10€), by the week (50€) or by the month (150€).

To take advantage of the facilities on the beaches of Houlgate et Cabourg just contact the bathing establishments.


Looking for postcards, posters, or local products? Meet in the shops of our tourist offices. You will also find your happiness in the shops present in the shopping streets and adjacent to our municipalities! Avenue from the sea to Cabourg, rue des Bains in Houlgate, avenue de Paris at Merville-Franceville-Plage, place Michel Vermughen in Beuvron-en-Auge and rue Paul Canta at Dives-sur-Mer !

And to access all these little addresses it's this way !

For a trip in the middle of the stalls, go to our markets page !


A parking lot is reserved for equestrian vans at Merville-Franceville-Plage. This is the Magniez car park, which is located at the exit of the town towards the Home-Varaville.

For a stopover in a motorhome on our territory, several options are available to you, with emptying and water!

On the side of Cabourg, there are two areas: one on avenue Michel d'Ornano and the other in the Carrefour Market car park. AT Merville-Franceville-Plage, you can park on boulevard Wattier 2 steps from the beach, Beuvron-en-Auge at the end of the street from the station and Dives-sur-Mer street of the future along the Dives. To find them all in detail, go to our city ​​maps. And for more information, contact the tourist office!

Vloc Liberty in Dives-sur-Mer offers a wide choice of vehicles, from cars to mini-buses, while Van Away specializes in vans designed to travel across our beautiful territory.

Supermarkets Carrefour Market in Cabourg et Super U of Dozulé They also have cars at your disposal.

À Cabourg, there are 2 charging stations in the car park next to the tourist office, 2 in the car park opposite the Grand Hôtel, 1 avenue Michel d'Ornano at the Mercure hotel and 2 others in the Carrefour Market car park.

On the rest of the territory you will find, at Dives-sur-Mer 1 terminal at the level of the Roseraie car park, 1 terminal in the car parks of the tourist offices of Beuvron-en-Auge et Merville-Franceville-Plage, 1 terminal at the church of Houlgate, as well as 1 terminal Auberville, 1 to Bavent, 2 to Dozulé and 1 terminal at Ranville.

Details about our dedicated page.

Yay! We have many free parking lots on our territory! Please note, however, that some municipalities have blue zones or limited zones.

Remember to consult all the details here or our city ​​maps.

On foot, by bus, by bike, on roller skates, on horseback, on a paddleboard...! See no limit to your imagination, as long as it goes, there is hope! But to help you a little, know that throughout the year, line 111 of the Nomad bus network connects Le Havre à Caen along the coast and serving our seaside resorts of Merville-Franceville-Plage à Houlgate via Varaville, Cabourg et Dives-sur-Mer. Timetables are available at the tourist office or on the website nomad14.

Line 119, from Caen or Pont-L'Évêque, serves the towns of Escoville, Saint-Samson, Basseneville, Goustranville, Putot-en-Auge, Dozulé, Cresseveuille.

During school vacation periods and in summer, the Dives-Cabourg train station serves the seaside resorts up to the Deauville Trouville station. There are also taxis, vehicle and cycle rental companies. Find out more from our stay advisers.

No need to look far, find the list of taxis this way !

That's a good question ! And to get the right answer is this way, a dedicated page just for you! If you don't have the energy to click, here's a little recap:

  • For Cabourg : from May 1 to September 30, coaches can only park in the car park of the Sall'In (avenue de l'Hippodrome), by reservation on the website Passenger drop-off will be exclusively at the former yacht club (avenue Pasteur), near Cap Cabourg beach. Outside the period from May 1 to September 30, parking is free in the city, in compliance with the highway code.
  • For Merville-Franceville-Plage, Houlgate et Dives-sur-Mer, it is necessary to contact the town halls beforehand. For all the municipalities mentioned, a flat rate of €50 per coach may be requested depending on the period.
  • À Beuvron-en-Auge the coach parking area is located in front of the tourist office, with free access, all year round.


Fortunately ! You can find them along the Orne or the Dives, in the marshes or by the sea. Discover our greenways and our cycle routes just leaves ! Want to escape to the northern coasts? Join the Velomaritime which connects Dunkirk to Roscoff via our territory!


Accommodation, restaurants, bars, tea rooms, leisure, sites and places to visit, guided tours, parking area for coaches: find in our brochure all useful information for groups!

The best-known story is played out on the landing beaches! The closest, Sword Beach, is just after the Baie de l'Orne in Ouistreham. The lesser-known story lies in the crucial hours leading up to D-Day. Our territory has been the site of heroic actions from the very beginning and the memory of these exploits is kept alive by numerous historical sites such as the the Merville Battery, Pegasus Memorial ou Ranville Cemetery.

Behind the wooden posts and rails bordering our meadows often grow up the little princes of the large stables who have taken up residence in the Pays d'Auge. However, no visits possible (with some exceptions) because these stud farms are private.

here is list of producers less than 15km away, all sell cider products but to visit a distillery, you can go to Domaine Dupont à Victot-Pontfol in the Desvoye farm or in Pierre Huet (our partner in Cambremer). They offer guided tours all year round: you will see the orchard, the distillery, the cellars and a tasting will close the visit. Take advantage of your getaway to discover the Cider Route !

Museums, places of memory, architectural or natural heritage... our little corner of Normandy is full of sites to visit. Find them by here.

But yes ! The tourist office offers guided tours during each school holiday period and throughout our territory. See you in theagenda to find out about future visits!


It is possible to access Wi-Fi for free without time limit in our 4 reception offices. Also visit this page to discover connected workplaces or freely accessible computer stations!