Published January 25 2023

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Since February 2018, the “Les Animes” program has been listing the activities of the territory. After 5 years of good and loyal service, the current format of our bimonthly edition disappears for a more efficient and contemporary version. Because the needs of yesterday are no longer those of today, discover the changes that will take place both in substance and in form.

Basically, what is changing?

News display rules and new sections will appear in the 2023 format.

Display rules

These changes follow a study conducted on the behavior of visitors and the tourist requests made by the latter to the travel advisors.

Thus, will only be present in Les Animes 2023:

  • Cultural and/or occasional events
  • Animations and events that are not part of the main activity of the structure

Useful info

Sports or leisure activities change media to fully digitalize. They will now go back to our travel diaries.

A dedicated page within Animes will nevertheless make it possible to make the bridge between the paper edition and the digital one.


We keepWe add
HighlightsGuided tours
The day by day diaryThe workshops, in the form of a table
ExhibitionsAntiquing: garage sales, flea markets!

Big change for the summer season, the weekly summer meetings will be listed in the form of a table, for easier and faster reading.

And in the form, what does it give?

Evolution of the graphic charter

Magazine de destination 2022

Since the arrival of destination magazine, our graphic charter has evolved. After updating communication media such as our plans and circuits, it was time to do the same with Les Animes. Illustrations, new colors, new typography: the design of the program is fresher and more dynamic for total customization and endless possibilities.

QR codes ready to be flashed!

maquette animes de 2023

Already present in our communication media, QR codes are also being used in Les Animes in order to give the reader up-to-date or additional information via our website ou our personalized travel diary.

And ecology in all this?

The revisit of Anime is part of a more responsible approach. Even though we deleted several editions, it seemed to us relevant to keep our entertainment program, however, with some adjustments. By improving the quality of information and digitizing certain content, we will be able to reduce the number of program pages (and therefore its cost), in order to print less to print better.

By adapting the medium and combining it with different tools, we will be able to move towards a zero waste objective, while meeting the tourist expectations of our visitors.

All these changes will take place on the next issue (April/May 2023). So see you at the end of March to discover the new version of the Anime!

Questions about the new posting rules?

Do not hesitate to download this practical sheet which summarizes the new rules! And if you have any questions, don't forget that your office referent is always on hand!