February 27, 2023

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You want to organize your next vacation, but you don't know what to do? Stop everything you are doing and let yourself be guided by a 100% original questionnaire, developed by the experienced team of the tourist office!

Hurry up, you are only 6 questions away from a memorable stay in a beautiful territory, in the heart of Normandy.

Tell me what you like, I'll tell you who you are

A,B,C,D: count the number of letters you have to find your ideal stay.

1. My first desire, when I arrive at my destination: 

A – turn off my phone and enjoy the quiet


B – put on sneakers… or not

C – test the last museum

D – sit down to eat

2. For me the sunset is: 

A – even better in good company

B – when the day begins

C – beautiful as a painting

D – savor the present moment

 3. When I see a horse, I immediately think of: 

A – a hug machine

B – a frenzied race

C – a stud every 4 km

D – a nice walk in sight

4. If I were an apple, I would definitely be in: 

A – a packed basket

B – a glass of festival cider

C – a (large) pipette

D – a tree

5. In my ideal restaurant, there must be: 

A – a brazier or a fireplace

B – a very large table

C – a story behind every dish

D – a local specialty

6. 2 hours free, it's time for: 

A – a moment of relaxation

B – a paddle race

C – a guided tour

D – a tasting

The answers

You have a maximum of A: you are cocooning stay

For you, the holidays are synonymous with disconnection. You are looking for a program to break the hectic pace of your daily life and thus reconnect with your deep emotions. Massage, yoga on the beach, stroll by the sea or time with friends around a board to share, you appreciate the activities of a delicate idleness, far from the ringing of the telephone.

A little boost in your cocooning stay:

A well-being page which lists all of our offers on our territory. But cocooning also involves a welcoming place to put down your suitcases during your stay. Consult our accommodation pages. You will certainly find charming houses and guest rooms there for a cocooning stay, like a rooster in dough!

You have a maximum of B: you are more of an adrenaline rush

For you, holidays rhyme with action! Having fun and challenging yourself are your credo. Tennis, golf, horse riding, roulette and sports betting: as long as there is adrenaline, you are ready to say yes!

  • If you were an event you would be: Cider & dragon
  • If you were an activity you would be: kitesurfing
  • If you were a place you would be: the casino

To help you during your adrenaline break:

Find the list of all our aquatic, sports and leisure activities throughout our territory. And if for you adrenaline, excitement and games of chance go together, our casinos and events below should satisfy you!

Les Estivales



Les courses hippiques d’Angerville


Angerville horse racing

Du 07 August au August 14, 2024

You have a maximum of C: you are a cultural stay

For you, the words architecture, Belle Époque and museum are the notes of a sweet musical score that brings balm to your heart and stars in your eyes. During your holidays, you love to stroll through the streets to discover great buildings and fill your memories with historical anecdotes about proud conquerors or famous writers.

  • If you were an event, you would be: the Marcel Proust musical days
  • If you were an activity, you would be: a guided tour
  • If you were a place, you would be: a place of memory of the Landings

To not miss anything during your cultural stay:

Museums, sites and places to visit, you are spoiled for choice by consulting our dedicated page. If remembrance tourism affects you, we invite you to discover the places related to the Landing beaches. For guided tours from the tourist office, our agenda and our online ticket office will be your best allies for organizing your stay and booking your visit slots.

You have a maximum of D: you are an authentic stay

The discovery of the territory, that's your leitmotif. Your quest for meaning pushes you through many worlds such as nature and gastronomy. You like to awaken and stimulate your senses. Hearing, smell, sight, taste and even touch: you need to smell but also to feel in order to become one with the environment around you.

  • If you were an event, you would be: the cider and apple festival
  • If you were an activity, you would be: cycling or hiking
  • If you were a place, you would be: a cider farm

I organize my authentic stay:

Discover the Norman art of living by taking the Cider Route and set off to discover the region's cider estates. We'll give you some ideas below. To stimulate your taste buds, follow the list of our restaurants which will make you taste seafood and land products. And finally, let the Orne estuary be the echo of nature and immerse yourself in a world of green and water.