Enjoying the Normandy art of living is great. Doing it in style is even better! The tourist office is pleased to present its first clothing collection, based on a timeless basic: the sweater.

Trendy and comfortable, our round-neck and hooded sweaters are unisex. Whether you are a chauvinist, a lover of Normandy or a fashion victim, there is surely a sweater that is made for you!

Pure Norman style

Red hoodie – Shut up

Show your state of mind with our hoodie Shut up. This expression is a fun nod to local gastronomy. Comfortable and stylish, this sweatshirt commands respect and will keep you warm for 12 hours, like a baked teurgoule.

Price: € 39.90

Water green round neck sweater – Nature painting

Don't be afraid to show off your whole side with our sea green round neck sweater Nature painting ! Comfortable, it is ideal for a day or an evening with friends, without filter of course!

Price: € 39.90

Black Hoodie – Raide Dives de toi

Be like Guillaume, crazy about Dives! Declare your love for your favorite city or capsize hearts with our black sweatshirt. The bold inscription Steep Dives from you brings a touch of mystery, elegance and sophistication. To wear without moderation.

Price: € 39.90

Green round neck sweater – As high as 3 apples

Assume your size with our green round-neck sweater High as 3 apples. Perfect for young and old (it's all a question of the apple variety), the inscription will add a touch of lightness to your outfit. This sweater is perfect when you want to look tiny.

Price: € 39.90

Norman quality

Why fall for one of our sweaters? Quite simply because they are:

  • printed in Normandy with a sober, timeless and eye-catching design
  • perfect for all occasions, from work to casual outings with friends
  • Comfortable thanks to a very soft and warm cotton blend
  • available in different sizes to suit all body types

Orange round neck sweater – Houlgate Beuzeval

Radiate elegance with our sweater Houlgate Beuzeval in the colors of the resort's beach huts. Its mirror effect inscription links past and present. Comfortable and stylish, this sweater is perfect for adding a touch of originality to your outfit.

Price: € 39.90

Blue hoodie – Not afraid of seagulls

Take on the wind and waves with our blue crew neck hoodie Not afraid of seagulls. Designed for free spirits who aren't afraid to challenge the elements, this sweatshirt offers comfort and style. Perfect for a day by the sea or to courageously brave the challenges of daily life.

Price: € 39.90

Our special edition

Navy blue crew neck sweater – Sorry, I don’t have a Monet

Express your love for art and impressionism with our navy crew neck sweater Sorry, I don't have a Monet. Ideal companion to celebrate 150 years of Normandy Impressionist Festival, the intensity of its blue will bring style and originality to your outfit.

Price: € 45

Taking care of your packages and our planet

Each of our sweaters is carefully packaged in a recyclable kraft paper bag, highlighting our commitment to sustainability.

The packaging is simple but classy. It ensures the protection of the sweater during transport.

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