Published January 1 2022

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Between the villages and their half-timbered houses, the beaches lined with Belle Époque villas, and the striking views of the sea… The region has many spots to immortalize on Instagram! A short list of our ten favorite places.

1. The Grand Hotel de Cabourg

Impossible to miss this superb establishment, directly overlooking the Cabourg beach ! Inaugurated in 1907, the Grand Hotel de Cabourg was designed by the architects Virault and Mauclerc. It notably housed Marcel Proust, who wrote a large part of his work, In search of lost time. Strike a pose in front of the ornate façade, or, if you want to eat there, at the restaurant, with the sea in the background! Indeed, on the ground floor, the restaurant Balbec allows you to dine facing the beach, a visual and taste experience not to be missed.

2. Marcel Proust Promenade and Cabourg Beach

What could be more Instagrammable than this beautiful 4km walk along the beach of Cabourg? As a family or as a couple, this promenade offers you many opportunities to take beautiful pictures: with the sea in your back, near the Meridian of Love, or even barefoot on the sand, at sunset… Probably the best time to immortalize this very popular place in Cabourg.

3. The former Grand Hotel de Houlgate

This former Houlgate hotel, built in the XNUMXthe century, stands out above all for its beautiful rotunda, adorned with an extravagant dome. Converted into a residential building, the establishment was in operation from 1859 to 1939. It is considered one of the most remarkable buildings of the Côte Fleurie's architectural heritage. Don't forget to take his portrait when you pass by!

4. The 100 steps of Houlgate

Escalier des 100 marches à Houlgate

Budding photographers know this corner of Houlgate well, and for good reason!

This staircase, which has 100 steps… or almost (advice to amateurs to go and count them), connects the Belle Époque villas on the heights of the city to the beach.

And yes, at the end of the XIXe century, owning a garden was the height of luxury, much more than living by the sea! However, there is no question of giving up taking a dip.

To allow the wealthy inhabitants established on the heights to easily descend to the beach, a stone staircase was built in 1880.

Today, visitors like to explore it at their own pace.

Extend your path a little!

If you want to increase the likes of your Instagram publication, be patient, and climb to the orientation table. A superb panoramic view on the coast awaits you!

5. Behind the Dakota, in Merville-Franceville-Plage 

The Dakota? It is this majestic plane that watches over the the Merville Battery ! Baptized thus by the British, it is in fact a Douglas C-47. It is from this same model that the English soldiers jumped to neutralize the guns of the Battery of Merville, at the dawn of the Landing of June 1944. When it is out, this impressive vestige will amaze you and make you relive a crucial historical moment of the Second World War.

6. In the bay of Orne, in Sallenelles

If you haven't had the opportunity to go for a walk in the Orne bay, the time has come ! This protected area is one of the largest on the Calvados coast, and is home to many migratory birds, which are fascinating to observe. Take your cameras !


This protected area is one of the largest on the Calvados coast, and is home to many migratory birds, which are fascinating to observe.

7. Rue de l'Enfer, in Beuvron-en-Auge

Rue de l'enfer à Beuvron-en-Auge

Funny name for this pretty street with flowered balconies and superbly preserved half-timbered houses! Named for the hard work of the tanners who lived there, the hell street today seems straight out of a postcard, like the whole village.

It is not for nothing that Beuvron-en-Auge was one of the first villages to be ranked among the most beautiful in France! With its XNUMXth century housese and XVIIIe centuries, its cobbled streets and pretty shops, the village offers an idyllic representation of Normandy. And the rue de l'Enfer, an ideal setting for a photo that could not be more Instagrammable, before going to taste the Norman delights of the adjoining halls, hosting a starred restaurant.

8. Clermont Chapel 

From Beuvron-en-Auge, the path that leads to the chapel of Clermont is a real delight. It meanders in the middle of a centuries-old beech grove, before emerging on a grandiose viewpoint, offering a spectacular view of the valleys. After having immortalized the view, take a look through the door or the windows of the small chapel: you can observe polychrome stone statues of Saint-Marcouf and Saint-Michel. 

9. The medieval halls of Dives-sur-Mer 

Notice to foodies, this spot should please you! The medieval halls of Dives-sur-Mer are home to one of the most famous markets on the Côte Fleurie every Saturday morning. But it is not only the profusion of local dishes that make their reputation. Their architecture is also worth a look! Indeed, the halls of Dives-sur-Mer rest on 66 wooden pillars, adorned with the coats of arms of the closest companions of William the Conqueror. These are the same pillars that support the imposing wooden frame, dating from the XNUMXthe century, completely removable.

Little tips

To benefit from the best angle of view on the halls, position yourself facing the frame, and press the shutter button!

10. William the Conqueror Art Village

Village d'art Guillaume le Conquérant à Dives-sur-Mer

Always at Dives-sur-Mer, you will find many traces of the passage of William the Conqueror, who came to arm his fleet in the shelter of the estuary in 1066.

It was to pay homage to him that at the end of the XNUMXthe century, Monsieur le Rémois, a somewhat whimsical innkeeper, renamed the former coaching inn Hostellerie Guillaume le Conquérant.

Passionate about art, he decorated the Norman buildings of Medieval and Renaissance woodcarvings, and partially reproduced the Bayeux Tapestry in the reception room.

It is moreover within the art village that has since taken up residence the tourist office, in which you can admire the superb stained glass windows dating from the XNUMXthe century.