Posted on 21 June 2023

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Understanding the challenges of Google My Business, adopting good practices to manage your establishment file: the tourist office gives you some essential keys to know.


Google: a giant not to be overlooked in the customer experience

Optimizing your presence on the web and more particularly on Google is important. But before asking you why, the tourist office offers you to come back to some figures to understand the positive impact that Google can have on your business.

Google is:

  • 93% market share worldwide in January 2023 (the remaining 7% is split between Bing, Yahoo! and other search engines)
  • 99 requests per second or 000 billion requests per day
  • 7,2 billion page views every day
  • 50% of Google queries made on mobile

And it is also:

  • the main channel for finding information at the local level
  • the privileged adviser of Internet users (86% of Internet users look for opinions on the Internet before visiting an establishment)

In the tourism sector, Google plays a vital role in:

  1. The choice of destination
  2. Preparing for a stay
  3. Booking an establishment

In effect :

  • 9 out of 10 travelers book their hotel online
  • 77% of travelers book more spontaneously if you respond to customer reviews
  • 79% of French people look online for information to organize their holidays and weekends

Google My Business, what is it exactly?

It is an essential tool that allows you to upload your structure for free according to a search carried out on Google.

It is a new generation professional identity card.

As you have understood, this tool supports you in optimizing your online visibility:

  • Google My Business escalates your business based on Google user queries
  • The Google Maps feature allows you to geolocate quickly
  • From the display, the user has the essential information
  • Your structure is identified quickly, your traffic increases more easily and promotes the development of your turnover

To go further, a video tutorial:

Who can create a Google My Business listing?

SME or large company, any establishment can create its file and it also works for those who do not have a physical address, provided they are in direct contact with your customers. (Example: a service provider such as a concierge who does not receive customers in his establishment but who travels)


Show that your restaurant is unique simply and effectively beyond your social networks. From the Google search, menus, photos, means of access and collection of opinions are accessible in the blink of an eye to Internet users.

Leisure provider?

Interact with Internet users via reviews, strengthen your presence on the web and facilitate access via geolocation. To go further, you can also encourage booking by integrating the link to your booking platform.

Host ?

Take advantage of the display of rates linked to the various distribution channels to earn direct bookings without commission.

Service provider ?

Indicate directly in your establishment file your references, your work area. Highlight the services you offer.

How to create, consult, modify a Google business listing?

Your establishment is already referenced by Google and you are the owner of your establishment listing? Congratulations, all that remains is to update your information and optimize your content.

Please note: you need a gmail address to create, consult or modify an establishment file. You don't have an address yet? Consult the video tutorial for further explanation.

Google My Business enregistrer mon etablissemnet

Your establishment is already referenced by Google but you do not have an establishment file or you are not the owner of your file?  See you on the next page and follow the procedure.

Google My Business enregistrer mon etablissemnet

Your establishment is not referenced by Google? Add it here by typing the name of your company then click on "create an establishment of this name".

The keys to a successful Google My Business listing:

  • A consistent file name in line with your other communication media
  • A wise choice in the category of your activity
  • Complete and up-to-date information: address, contacts, schedules, website
  • Recent photos (think photo report negotiated for partners)
  • Posts to promote your news
  • Responses to reviews