Published on 17 August 2023

Reading time: 4 min

In the tourism sector, eating local and tasting local products are part of the experience. How to get supplies in our territory? What are the advantages of favoring the short circuit? How to communicate on the subject? The tourist office gives you some keys to staying or becoming a locavore restaurant. 


I am a restaurateur, and I want to source my supplies from a short circuit

Fruits, vegetables, cider products, eggs, cereals, meat, poultry: it is possible for a restaurateur to obtain supplies from a short supply chain in our territory. Several possibilities allow this: farms, markets or direct deliveries from a place of production. However, obtaining supplies from a short circuit can quickly multiply your workload with the numerous stages of observation, prospecting and without forgetting multi-site travel.

Platforms to support you

To support you in your efforts, you can benefit from the support of distributors such as AMAP and Biocoop. Of platformsas an Around, can also help you get supplies directly from producers. A significant time saving!

A list of producers at your disposal

To save you time in your search for information, the tourist office has created a list (regularly updated) which brings together food producers in our region.

Are you a producer and you do not appear in our listing? Make yourself known! Do not hesitate to contact us to present your operation so that we can relay your work to our network of tourism professionals. 

What are the advantages of the short circuit? 

By choosing a sustainable and eco-responsible approach:

  • You become an actor in the development of your territory
  • You act for the environment by limiting your carbon footprint
  • You support the local economy, thanks to the principle of short supply chain marketing.

But that's not all, short circuit supply gives you the chance to:

  • Choose organic, fresh and raw quality, seasonal and local products, grown on healthy soils with know-how 
  • Know the origin and value of your products 
  • Guarantee the taste and nutritional flavors of your dishes
  • Be a guarantee of trust among your customers

How to communicate on the subject? 

Cooking locally is a qualitative distinction and information that should not be missed to your customers. You can thus:  

  • Write it at the entrance and inside your restaurant either using a plaque or on a slate
  • Promote the origin of food in the presentation of the daily menu/a la carte
  • Communicate on your social networks, if you have any 
  • Working to obtain labels or distinctions

For his part, the producer talks about you and reinforces your image and your ethics.

What are the two obstacles to be removed in short circuit supply?

  • Stock management: depending on the weather or demand, a producer's stocks are not always sufficient to meet the needs of your restaurant
  • Logistic : to source locally, you need more than 20 producers 

To go further: the circular economy 

The circular economy consists of producing goods and services sustainably by limiting waste production, consumption and wastage of resources. It is about moving from a completely disposable society to a more virtuous economic model. 

With a vast field of action, it affects many areas, including food where initiatives have already been launched to optimize the use of resources, obtain better supplies, produce as close as possible to consumers and change fashions. production and consumption.