Listening, available and always ready to help you in every step of your project, discover the portrait of the referents of the partner team.

Katy, Cabourg area

Katy arrived in Cabourg in 2000 to replace maternity leave and she never left! 

She fell in love with the resort, its dynamic and family atmosphere, she gradually made her nest and grew up there. Recruited as a stay counselor/child facilitator, she has seen her job evolve and so has her job!  

After taking great care of visitors by deploying the quality of reception and services as reception manager, she went to the other side of the mirror during the merger of the inter-municipal tourist office in 2017 to become responsible from the partner hub. 

Accompanied by Morgane, Juliette et Jocelyne, Katy and her team divided the territory by sector to maintain this privileged link and proximity with their respective socio-professionals.

Katy, referente partenaire de la zone de Cabourg

Function : Head of the partners division and referent of the Cabourg area

Telephone : 02 31 06 20 05

Portable : 07 56 42 45 60

Email :

Nothing ventured, nothing gained !  

Katy's motto

Juliette, Houlgate and Dives-sur-Mer areas

Having first worked as a travel advisor in the Cabourg office, Juliette joined the Houlgate office as partner referent for the Houlgate and Dives-sur-Mer areas.

What she likes is supporting local professionals while offering them solutions to help them enhance their activities.

Epicurean, as soon as the opportunity arises, she embarks family and friends to discover new adventures and new service providers! 

Function : Partner referent of the Houlgate and Dives-sur-Mer area

Telephone : 02 31 24 34 74

Portable : 07 56 42 47 25

Email :

Luck smiles on optimists.

Juliet's motto
Des référentes à votre écoute.jpg-1200px

Work in joy and good humor: the key to the success of a good partnership

Morgane, Merville-Franceville-Plage area

A graduate in tourism and cultural project engineering, Morgane began her professional career as a reception and sales agent in a castle in Île-de-France.

Today, partner referent for the 1001 questions of the Merville-Franceville-Plage sector, what motivates her in her function is: helping professionals, promoting their tourist offers in the territory and participating in the development of the partner centre.

Bathed in the world of the Second World War and aviation from a very young age with a passionate father, Morgane, long before her arrival, already knew the the Merville Battery and Pegasus Memorial Museum

Morgane, référente partenaire de la zone de Merville-Franceville-Plage

Function : Partner referent of the Merville-Franceville-Plage area

Telephone : 02 31 24 13 03

Portable : 07 56 42 46 51

Email :

There are no stupid questions.

Morgana's motto

Jocelyne, Beuvron-en-Auge area

Jocelyne has shaped her professional career within a casino in functions centered on the relationship as head of customer service, then head of sales.

Newly arrived, Jocelyne joined the Normandie Cabourg Pays d'Auge partner center in January 2022 with the mission of supporting socio-professionals in the Beuvron-en-Auge sector, and advising them on the qualification and promotion of their activity.

In this function, she enjoys promoting the companies that make up the charm of our region and contributing to the improvement of the services put in place by the partner division.

Jocelyne, référente de Beuvron-en-Auge

Function : Partner referent of the Beuvron-en-Auge area

Telephone : 02 61 79 04 70

Portable : 06 42 74 30 48

Email :

Intuition is knowledge that cannot be measured!

Jocelyne's motto

Laurence, the person who oversees everything!

Having become deputy director of the inter-municipal tourist office following the merger in 2017, Laurence oversees the entertainment/Family Plus, Heritage, and as far as you are concerned, the partners division. 

Passionate about sailing, she is the one who holds the helm of the pole and indicates the course to follow to the referents who are in charge of the maneuver and does not hesitate to get her hands dirty when necessary. Accessible and attentive, she likes contact with socio-professionals and teamwork.

Division of the territory into zones

Would you like to contact a partner referent for more information on the partnership? Consult the division of the territory to know the office of attachment of your commune.

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