Our main objective: to promote the territory's tourism professionals in our communication and ensure their promotion by placing them at the heart of our strategy.

The 4 mantras of the partners pole

1. Assistance in qualifying the offer

The partner referents guarantee the reliability of the information communicated to our visitors and assist you in updating the data related to your activity. Whether it concerns opening times, tariffs, labels, capacities (or even the signing of ToU: reliable information is a guarantee of quality.

They will also help you to highlight your offer by qualifying it with photos as well as a relevant description triggering purchase!

2. Privileged close relationship

Les éditions de l'office de tourisme

Privileged interlocutors, the partner referents come to meet you to deliver our editions and discuss with you! The opportunity to measure the reality on the ground and take your feelings on tourist attendance in order to adapt our strategy to develop the territory. This exchange is also an opportunity to collect your comments and areas for improvement in order to subsequently notify the services concerned.

3. Promotion of the offer

Depending on the partnership signed, you ensure the promote your offer in our associated communication media (map, magazine, Les Animes, website, personalized stay booklet), and during stay advice, delivered by our reception teams. In addition, depending on the opportunities, your offer may be relayed to tourism institutions, the media (press, influencers) and on the Social Media.

4. Coordination of tourism stakeholders

Les missions du pole partenaires de l'office de tourisme

Get to know each other, discuss, share ideas, create links: the partner center is the conductor to organize meetings between professionals in order to federate the network and reinforce the local tourist synergy.

Are you considering putting a property up for seasonal rental?

Put the odds on your side by making an appointment with the partner referent in your area. During the visit of your property, she will provide you with some practical information and will raise your awareness. obligations related to this new activity (tourist tax, declaration, taxation).

From general support to personalized service

As a tourism professional, you have access to general support that helps you develop your visibility in the region. Expand the field of possibilities, develop notoriety and your network by accessing the personalized services offered by the partner division.