The paper media of the tourist office are a useful means of communication to increase your visibility on the territory and reach the visitors of the territory before and/or during their stay.

The destination magazine: the seduction asset and…

Gone is the exhaustive offer and the long listings of soporific addresses that did not provide emotion. Make way for the story, the visual and the human to create the "wow" effect that arouses the reader's attention and awakens the senses.

The magazine in a few points:

  • visibility over 2 years
  • more than 80 pages of inspirations
  • a themed writing with an original approach
  • advertising inserts

… The Anime: the most anticipated

Aimed at locals, residents and vacationers, the Animations is the bimonthly program of the destination, widely distributed among the tourist actors of the territory and consulted online and promoted on our social networks at each outing.

Anime in a few points:

  • a publication every 2 months
  • between 30 and 40 pages of festivals and events throughout the territory
  • advertising inserts

Magazine de destination

destination magazine

Les Animés Août-Septembre

The August-September Anime

Les Animes de Juin et Juillet

June and July Anime

Consult without further delay the product sheets of our 3 paper communication media to find out their partnership conditions and prices.

City maps: essential advice for your stay

A clear and precise support, the city map allows visitors to find their way around easily. Markets, accommodation, bus stops, leisure providers and a circuit are located there. The map of the territory completes the document for a total immersion of our destination.

City maps in a nutshell:

  • an annual publication
  • advertising inserts

Carte du territoire

Map of the territory

Plan de Cabourg

Map of Cabourg

Plan de Houlgate

Map of Houlgate

Plan de Dives-sur-Mer

Map of Dives-sur-Mer

Plan de Beuvron-en-Auge et Dozulé

Map of Beuvron-en-Auge and Dozulé

Plan de Merville-Franceville-Plage

Map of Merville-Franceville-Plage

Poster QR-codes: additional visibility for your business

Straddling print and digital, the poster QR codes is distributed throughout the territory and displayed by our tourist actors. Each QR-code refers to the corresponding page of the website (restaurants, leisure, agenda, tide times). An additional communication medium to promote yourself to visitors to the territory.