The satisfaction of our partners is our greatest reward. Today, you are more than 500 to trust us. Discover without further delay the feedback on our services and support.

Stéphanie PRINCET – Sales and Marketing Manager Les Bains de Cabourg Hotel

The contest was a great operation that brought us great visibility and many subscribers!

Marina and Julien Morcel – Hotel & Spa Facing the sea, Merville-Franceville-Plage

The social network operation on which we collaborated was of great help to us since it allowed us to gain more than 1000 subscribers in three days, a great boost in terms of visibility, especially in the middle of the winter season.

Hôtel & Spa Face à la mer

Hotel & Spa Face à la mer


Zakia Bellec – Director of Le Conquérant Holiday Village, Dives-sur-Mer  

Newly partner of the tourist office, we appreciate the availability of the teams and the richness of our exchanges. Our holiday village referenced by the tourist office represents for our public a guarantee of quality. This also allows us to open up our field of action by making ourselves known to as many people as possible. Thanks !

Thierry Ramard – At the foot of the marshes, Varaville

Being a partner of the tourist office is, in my opinion, essential for my activity because it is the unifying body of our tourist destination! Always in the field, he knows and goes to meet his partners. He is therefore the most qualified to retrieve information in order to better guide visitors. The tourist office is the gateway between tourists and professionals. For me, it's a real partnership where human contact is essential!

Sophie Bansard – The Pavé d'Hôtes, Beuvron-en-Auge

Partner of the tourist office since our opening 15 years ago, I really appreciate the exchanges with the team of the tourist office. Thanks to them, the visibility of our village is increased on social networks and consequently our clientele is more extensive.

Le Pavé d’Hôtes

Le Pavé d’Hôtes


Dominique Kay-Mouat, director of the Pottery of Mesnil de Bavent

I am more than happy to be a partner for several years with the tourist office. We work together to make the region even more attractive with its diverse and multiple craftsmen. The team is always dynamic and attentive to visitors and partners. She advises us and helps us to promote our sites. This partnership is essential and very sympathetic for me. I think you are all doing a very good job – well done! 

Géraldine Desvoye – Desvoye cider farm, Beaufour-Druval

We are very happy and satisfied to work with the tourist office for several years. For us, this partnership is essential to our on-farm reception and sales activity. It guarantees us a very good visibility and a good presentation thanks to a competent staff with whom we are in permanent contact, and anxious to transmit the right information to its customers.

Ferme cidricole Desvoye

Cider farm Desvoye


Thomas Storez, Coordinator – sports educator Association CROQUAN, Houlgate

The CROQUAN association, a partner of the tourist office for several years, has seen the attendance of the proposed activities evolve over time. This development has been made in particular thanks to the links that exist between the CROQUAN team and that of the tourist office as well as the various communication media offered by the latter which make it possible to reach ever more audiences. The availability and responsiveness of the office team lead to quality exchanges and this allows us to move forward together.

Antoine & Lucil – La Piazza, Beuvron-en-Auge

We love the tourist office! We are very satisfied with their services. The team is dynamic and always helpful. It's a good relay and the Animations as well as the destination magazine are excellent communication media.

La Piazza

La Piazza


Emmanuelle Desaunay – Em'ma Normandie, Merville-Franceville-Plage

Trader for less than 2 years in Merville-Franceville, I am happy to work in collaboration with the team of the tourist office who are always smiling and listening to the slightest remarks or suggestions that we can send them back. It must make the territory known, make people want to discover it and encourage customers to come and consume it, and that is what it does.

Em’Ma Normandie

Em'Ma Normandy


Françoise – DUPONT with a tea, Cabourg and Dives-sur-Mer

Normandie Cabourg Pays d'Auge Tourisme is a dedicated, friendly and professional team that very effectively supports tourism players in the region, with a redesigned communication for ever more visibility through print and the web via social networks. We particularly appreciate the excellent relationship of trust that we have established with this formidable team, where advice, listening, availability and tailor-made solutions are at the heart of our partnership.

Pascal Cochard – Ibis Budget, Dives-sur-Mer

Present on the Côte Fleurie for more than 20 years, it is a pleasure to work with the teams of the office. Our exchanges are very pleasant and I am always delighted to meet them because we move quickly together. It is very important to understand each other, to meet and to exchange; it is the engine of tourism.

Ibis Budget

Ibis budget


Mathilde Herouin & Stéphane Deidda – Iodized Lands, Houlgate

We are happy and satisfied to be a partner of the tourist office. This is our first year of activity, we really appreciated the support and listening, which allowed us to position our establishment well according to our offers. It is a dynamic and friendly team, we highly recommend this partnership!

Les Terres Iodées

Iodized Lands


Lydia, marina of Dives-Cabourg-Houlgate

Manager of a marina on the Normandy coast, we have been partners of the intercommunal tourist office for several years now.

In addition, the dedicated booking platform was recommended to us by the tourist office, and it works very well. On the other hand, the many boaters that we welcome each year are given information about the region when they arrive at the port thanks to the documentation provided by the tourist office. Strong point: the tourist documentation we need is delivered to our premises by the staff of the tourist office with whom we have a relationship of trust. Our partnership also allows us to make our own materials available to the various intermunicipal offices.

Bac de la Dives

Bac de la Dives


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