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If your animation is punctual, open to the general public and has a tourist attraction: it is possible to have it appear in our bimonthly program, called Les Animations. Discover through our Factsheet display conditions.

Because your time is precious, our partner referents come to you and deliver our editions to you regularly. For a restocking, you can contact the referent of your geographical area.


The registration numbers are issued by the municipalities which have set up, on a mandatory basis or with prefectural authorization, the procedures for change of use and registration.

Digital operators are required to display this number on their advertisements, under penalty of a fine, for properties located in municipalities that have implemented these procedures.

To date, no municipality located in the Normandy Cabourg Pays d'Auge territory has implemented these procedures.

Two possibilities: 

Any modification of the accommodation (capacity of reception, new rooms, contact) is the subject of a new declaration in town hall. The declaration must be made before putting the property up for rent. Article L324-1-1 of the Tourism Code.

Good to know: in the event of non-declaration, the lessor will be liable to a third class fine (up to €450). Article R324-1-2 of the Tourism Code

To put accommodation up for seasonal rental, you must declare your activity to the Business Formalities Center but also at your town hall.

As the owner of a seasonal rental accommodation, you have other legal obligations, such as:

  • the individual police form, to be given to foreign tenants;
  • installation of a smoke detector;
  • compliance with the tax declaration.

Find all the information in the rental guide, page 4, 5 and 6

As a host, you can have your establishment classified. For this, see our rental guide, page 16 and contact one of the approved or accredited organizations for star ratings.

Good to know: a ranking builds tenant loyalty and allows in particular a fixed tax allowance of 71%.

Labels and brands

Pre-requisite to your label, your structure must be located less than 5 kilometers from a major marked and secure cycle route.

Find on the website of Calvados Attractiveness all the information needed to set up a label.


Check your eligibility by visiting the page Become a partner

Get in touch directly with your partner referent who will send it to you.

Are you a tourism professional and would like to find out about the partnership to contribute to the dynamism of our territory? What a good idea ! Find it on our page Become Partner a summary of the advantages of setting up a partnership with the Normandy Cabourg Pays d'Auge tourist office.


Visit our Factsheet where we give you some tips and tricks on the format, content and quality of photos.

And if you have some difficulty in having beautiful photos of your establishment(s), consider our photo reports !

Go to the following link:

If you are a partner of the tourist office but have never created an account, here is the procedure to follow after clicking on the link to the media library:

  • Sign up by selecting the Partners group
  • Access the folder reserved for you
  • Create your basket using the Factsheet
  • Make your download request by listing the end use of the photos

Your download request will then be sent to the communication department for processing.


Go to your tourist interface (VIT). In case of difficulties, do not hesitate to contact your partner referent.

Get in touch with the partner referent of your geographical area who will be able to send them back to you.

This is a database in which the tourist offers of our territory are referenced. Regularly updated, it allows us to distribute your offer on websites and applications related to tourism such as the Roadbook.