Cockles, razor clams, prawns and wedge shells, the foreshore which is revealed at low tide offers shore-gathering fishermen a playground for a few hours. To get the most out of it, follow these few rules!


  • A small rake or claw
  • A bucket or basket to rinse and let your precious loot disgorge
  • A small ruler to measure your shells (available in our tourist offices)

If you want to go shrimp fishing, you will need a large net, or a pousseux as it is called here. This net is equipped with a long handle that must be pushed to the ground.

Gloves can be useful: it is not uncommon to find small bright, poisonous fish among shrimps.

The right moment

The ideal time is to start your shore fishing session 2 hours before low tide. Refer to our tide schedule to know the best time for your next fishing trip!

Depending on your fishing area, you will have to choose your day carefully.

From Merville-Franceville-Plage to Cabourg

  • September to June: Friday to Monday, and public holidays
  • In July and August: every day


  • Everyday

Observation at low tide

Start by observing what happens on the foreshore, the strip of sand revealed by low tide.

Small jets come out of the sand, in a shallow puddle, and you wonder what you are dealing with? Observe the footprint left in the sand.

  • two small holes close together in the shape of a keyhole: it is probably a razor clam
  • two holes further apart: surely cockles

Did you know?

By moving your feet in the loose sand, you have a chance of bringing the shells up without getting tired of scratching!

Be careful, your loot cannot exceed 5 kg per person.

A few tips before you go

  • Respect the marine environment, minimum catch sizes, quotas and fishing seasons for each species, so as to favour sustainable fishing;
  • Ask your tourist office about dangers to avoid and any current prefectural or municipal orders;
  • Find out very precisely about tide coefficients and schedule, as well as the weather.
  • Adapt your outfit to the weather conditions;
  • Take your phone. The emergency number on the foreshore is 196;
  • Do not go fishing alone. Otherwise, let someone know where you are going.

To find out all about shore fishing on the Côte Fleurie, ongoing decrees and authorized zones, consult the shore fishing in Calvados website !