Vehicle rental (van, car), free parking, paying and blue zone: you will find below all the information relating to the tourist towns of our territory.

Rental services

Free and paid parking in Cabourg

Free parking

Downtown access:

  • Church parking lot
  • Avenue de la Divette car park (opposite the church car park)
  • Hippodrome car park, roundabout on the avenue de l'hippodrome
  • In the streets of the city center, respecting the highway code

East side beach access:

  • Cap Cabourg car park, at the northern end of avenue Durand Morimbau
  • Car park at first aid station n°5, at the northern end of avenue Pasteur

West side beach access:

  • Car park at the north end of Avenue Brèche Buhot
  • Parking along the Boulevard des Diablotins
  • Parking along the avenue des Devises

In all the rest of the city, respecting the highway code.

Paid parking

All year round from 9 a.m. to 19 p.m. €2,10/hour.

Access to the city center and central beach:

First 40 minutes free with ticket at the parking meter

  • Tourist office car park
  • Town hall parking
  • Place du marché
  • Parking avenue de la Marne
  • Dunettes parking lot, opposite the Municipal Police
  • Piat car park, avenue Alfred Piat
  • Parking spaces around the Casino Gardens

First 2 hours free with ticket at the parking meter

  • Avenue de la Brèche Buhot, in its part between avenue Charles de Gaulle and avenue Guillaume le Conquérant (opposite the school)
  • Garden Tennis car park
  • Avenue Charles de Gaulle in its part between Avenue de la Brèche Buhot and Rue d'Ennery

blue zone or parking free limited to 40 minutes (with parking disc)

  • Avenue de la Mer and its surroundings located avenue Jean Mermoz

Where to park for free in Dives-sur-Mer?

Free parking

Downtown access:

  • Car park at the rose garden (opposite the Village d'Art Guillaume le Conquérant)
  • Notre-Dame church car park
  • Parking Place de la République (opposite the medieval halls)
  • General de Gaulle street car park
  • Ranch car park
  • In all the rest of the city in compliance with the highway code

Marina access:

  • Parking along the Bernard Magne wharf
  • Parking place Guillaume and avenue du commandant Charcot
  • Parking at the end of the avenue des dunes

What are the parking areas in Houlgate?

Free parking

  • Car parks along the rue des Bains
  • Temple car park
  • Parking around the Saint-Aubin church
  • Market square car park
  • Casino car park
  • In all the rest of the city, respecting the highway code

blue zone

Parking in the blue zone of 1er May to September 15: rose garden and part of rue du Général Leclerc, rue des Bains and rue de l'Eglise. Duration limited to 40 minutes, from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 14:30 p.m. to 19 p.m. Parking zones limited to 20 minutes all year round at 18 and 21 rue du Général Leclerc and at 16, 18 and 34 rue des Bains.

Where to find car parks and parking lots in Merville-Franceville-Plage?

Free parking

Central beach and city center access:

  • Central beach car park
  • Parking at the place de la plage (be careful, some places have a limited duration)
  • Parking along Boulevard Wattier (only for equestrian vans)
  • Parking behind the tourist office
    In all the rest of the city, respecting the highway code.

Access to the beach on the west side, naturist beach and ornithological reserve:

  • Bay Road Parking Lot
  • Beaulieu Observatory car park (route de Cabourg, west exit from the town)

East side beach access:

  • Seagull parking lot
  • Magniez car park

Where to park in Beuvron-en-Auge?

Free parking

  • Church parking lot
  • Tourist office car park
  • Town hall parking

Find here the information for the coach parking or the location of electrical terminals.