Out of battery? No worries, here is the list of charging stations for electric vehicles throughout our territory. And while your car is full of energy, take the opportunity to recharge your batteries and stroll along the seaside or in the depths of the land.


  • Parking behind the tourist office (town hall gardens): 2 terminals
  • Parking opposite the Grand Hôtel (casino gardens): 1 terminal
  • Town hall car park: 2 terminals
  • Carrefour Market car park: 1 Greenspot terminal
  • Avenue Michel d'Ornano: 1 TotalEnergies terminal
  • Avenue de la Brèche Buhot (Menhir car park): 2 terminals
  • Avenue de la Libération (opposite the restaurant): 2 terminals
  • Cap Cabourg (Avenue Pasteur): 1 terminal
  • Parking avenue de la Divette (facing the church): 1 terminal


  • Parc de la Roseraie (boulevard Maurice Thorez): 1 terminal, 2 places
  • Lidl car park, rue du Général de Gaulle: 1 terminal


  • Auberville, rue Brigade Piron: 1 terminal, 2 spaces
  • Houlgate, place de l'Eglise: 1 terminal, 2 places
  • Houlgate, mini-golf car park, rue Baumier: 1 terminal, 2 spaces


  • Bavent, 8 rue de la Petite Justice: 1 terminal, 2 spaces
  • Merville-Franceville-Plage, 14 avenue des Dunes: 1 terminal, 2 places
  • Ranville, rue de la Vallée: 1 terminal, 2 spaces
  • Ranville, Carrefour Contact car park: 1 terminal


  • Beuvron-en-Auge, Woolsery esplanade: 1 terminal, 2 places
  • Dozulé, place du Champ de Foire: 1 terminal, 2 places
  • Dozulé, place Jean Vasnier: 1 terminal, 2 places

All terminals are part of the MobiSDEC network (unless otherwise stated). The stations are accessible without subscription via the paynow portal. Locations, prices and details of catches on the website www.mobisdec.fr.