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Heritage Game 2022

This summer, from July 1 to September 10, 2022, browse the streets of Cabourg to find the hidden details of its villas to reconstruct the thread of its history! A game for the whole family Heritage lovers or researchers at heart, open your eyes wide and discover the little secrets of the architecture of […]

By Benjamin, July 1, 2022 Reading time: 2 min(s)

An award ceremony that makes one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France shine!

Monday, June 13, the STARS & JOBS prize was awarded to one of our partners, on Place Michel Vermughen in Beuvron-en-Auge! A look back at this moment that put our typical Norman village center stage! A soap shop in Beuvron-en-Auge Located in the heart of Beuvron-en-Auge, Soaps […]

By Benjamin, June 14, 2022 Reading time: 2 min(s)

Today's suggestions for the Easter holidays

The suggestions of the day are back for the Easter holidays 2022! If you are passing through our territory from April 9 to May 8, 2022, do not hesitate to come and consult them! You could live many adventures by discovering, daily, 3 activities that highlight the many assets of […]

By Benjamin, April 8, 2022 Reading time: 1 min(s)

A personalized travel diary just for you

In 2022, we have redesigned the way we welcome you. The goal ? To offer you ever more accurate information, as close as possible to your needs. This is how we turned to the personalized travel diary, a new way to meet your requests! The principle is simple: after exchange […]

By Solène, February 17, 2022 Reading time: 1 min(s)

New: the destination magazine

Coquillage et Colombage, that's what it's called! On the way for a summary of our territory in 88 pages. © Inside our new destination magazine, you will find: interviews and portraits cultural information (sometimes unusual) thematic files unmissable events… In short, a global vision of the territory combining aesthetic visuals and content of […]

By Solène, February 1, 2022 Reading time: 1 min(s)

Postcards from the tourist office

Like Cabourg, Houlgate, Merville-Franceville-Plage, Beuvron-en-Auge and Dives-sur-Mer, postcards from the tourist office are on sale in our 5 reception offices. They are perfect for: sending a Norman message to your family or friends bringing back a small souvenir from our territory serving as a bookmark for your book of the moment […]

By Benjamin, January 21, 2022 Reading time: 1 min(s)

Posters for a beautiful decoration

Through a refined universe, bring a bit of Normandy to your home with the 5 posters of our territory which illustrate Cabourg, Houlgate, Merville-Franceville-Plage, Beuvron-en-Auge and Dives-sur-Mer. Posters are on sale in our 5 reception offices. Size: 50x70cm Unit price: €12

By Benjamin, January 16, 2022 Reading time: 1 min(s)

Cabourg poster – special edition

Are you looking for a poster of Cabourg that mixes love and romanticism? Here is our special edition of the Casino de Cabourg Gardens! Printed in limited copies, it is on sale in our reception offices at the unit price of 18€. Size: 50x70cm

By Benjamin, January 1, 2022 Reading time: 1 min(s)