Published January 24 2022

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It only takes a little less than 2h30 by car to go from Paris, in Ile-de-France, to Cabourg, in the Pays d'Auge — making it the ideal place to get away from it all and take a breather. Here is a list of ideas, just to disconnect, for real.

Whether you like the beach, the fauna and flora, good gastronomy or even four-legged animals: in Normandy, it is impossible not to find an activity that will satisfy you. The hardest ? Choose the one that suits you best (good news: there's something for everyone).

Marvel at The Villa of Time Regained

Passionate about history and literature? The Villa du Temps retrouvé is an essential stop in the city of Cabourg. Built by the architect Clément Parent in the 1860s, it has quite the look of the emblematic residences of the time (a brick facade and a pattern of diamond crosses). It has since been expanded several times. Walk in the footsteps of Marcel Proust, and stroll through the different rooms of this exceptional residence: 

Femme dans les jardins de la Villa du Temps retrouvé
  • Le architecture pavilion, which offers all the keys to understanding the architectural issues of the time.
  • La immersive room, which will stimulate many of your senses by offering you a unique experience. 
  • The salons, which immerse you in the art of living during the Belle Époque on the Côte Fleurie. On the program: a real journey towards the Belle Époque, and the discovery of works of art that marked the period (by Eugène Boudin, Edouard Vuillard, Auguste Rodin, Paul-César Helleu, René-Xavier Prinet, etc.). 
  • La Normandy of artists, a more contemporary space devoted to artistic creation in Normandy. 
  • Le desk and reading room, to discover the literature of the Belle Époque.
  • Le hobbyist's office, the last room on the Belle Époque tour, which highlights Marcel Proust's creative process. The icing on the cake ? Furniture, films, photographs or costumes, exhibited here and there, will end up transporting you.
  • The gardens, designed as an extension of the indoor exhibitions. Here, you can enjoy a snack "as before", to (finally) make up for lost time. 

Oxygenate yourself with a breath of iodized air on the beach

Here you have three options: 

  1. A calm walk, on foot, on the beach of Cabourg. To stretch your legs at the beginning or end of the day. 
  2. The discovery of sand yachting, with theLand Sailing School of Cabourg. An activity that will allow you to combine sport and relaxation, in an idyllic setting. Note that the yachting is practiced at low tide, and when the weather conditions allow it. Do not hesitate to contact the club before going there. 
  3. A horseback ride. the Cabourg Equestrian Center offers a good number of activities, which are not only reserved for the experienced. You can therefore opt for the ride in the heart of the Marais de Cabourg, to kill two birds with one stone, namely: horseback riding, while discovering the rich landscapes of the Cabourg hinterland. Riders eager for thrills can, for their part, set off at a gallop in a large meadow. As for the little ones, the center offers pony baptisms. A family outing, with friends or alone. 
Equitation sur la plage

Challenge yourself with a round of golf or tennis 

Did you know?

Golf and tennis are perfect activities to clear your mind and disconnect from the daily routine.

Why ? Quite simply because they demand your full attention and stimulate your concentration. In Cabourg, golf enthusiasts have plenty to do with the Cabourg public golf course from the Cabourg le Home Golf Club. Alone or with others, you will enjoy practicing on various terrains. More of a fan of tennis ? Meet at Garden Tennis of the city, an exceptional infrastructure, not far from the city center. Game, set and match ! 

Calm and relax your mind with a thalasso

Switching off has never been easier than with a charming (and effective) thalassotherapy. It's in the center Thalazur that we recommend you to put down your suitcases. the spa offers programs for short stays (from 1 to 3 days), with discovery sessions or more complete days. On the program: a remineralizing seaweed wrap, un remineralizing hydromassage bath, water jets and pressotherapy. Enough to reactivate blood circulation and gently recharge the batteries.

All these activities make you hungry: to regain your strength, book a table at the Silver fish, the establishment's restaurant where chefs Patrice Demangel and Didier Aniès (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) share the kitchens. Too tired to go home? Do not hesitate to plan a reservation in the hotel, to make the pleasure last. 

Treat yourself with a gourmet snack

Salon de thé du Grand Hôtel de Cabourg

Cabourg is the place where Marcel Proust spent a good part of his summer holidays, between 1907 and 1914. It is therefore there that we find one of the best madeleines in France (if not is from all over the world). To stop time, for a moment, head to the famous Grand Hôtel de Cabourg for a gourmet snack. Accompany your madeleine with a hot tea - as the author used to do. 

You can also opt for… 

A sea trip from Dives-sur-Mer

Meet every morning under the fish market in Dives-sur-Mer, located just a few meters from the Dives. Check the tide times beforehand, to have the chance to observe the curious dance of the trawlers, which leave the port or enter it.

Inside the market, many varieties share the stalls. Fish, first: Suns, dabs, mackerel or alternatively turbot. But also shellfish et shellfish : None Mussels and shrimp, among others. This list is obviously not exhaustive, since it depends entirely on the catch of the day and the arrivals.

At the end of the morning, do not hesitate to haggle over the prices. Once your belly is full, embark on a XNUMX-minute commented sea trip. After departing from Dives-sur-Mer, you will set off to discover the marina of Port Guillaume, the beach at Houlgate, the pretty Belle Époque villas, the fauna and flora.


A yoga session on the beach of Merville-Franceville-Plage 

Impossible to spend a weekend outside the city without practicing a sporting activity? What follows is for you. Make an appointment with Lucie for a yoga or Pilates in Merville-Franceville Plage. On the program: some stretching, more or less complicated to perform depending on your level of flexibility, as well as yoga poses (promised, nothing too difficult).

Remember to take, before attending the session, a mat, a towel and a bottle of water. And don't forget to breathe. 

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