The Les femmes s'exposent festival returns to Houlgate for the sixth edition! Through various photo exhibitions, this photo festival highlights the work of women photographers around different themes.

Festival les femmes s'exposent

An activist photo festival

Did you know that less than a quarter of photographers in major agencies are women? And that only 25% of the programming of photographic events highlights the work of women photographers? 

It is to warn about the lack of parity, and to support the work of talented women photographers, that The Women Exposed Festival has been created. During the exhibition, shots by various professional photographers populate the Roland Garros Promenade and the streets of Houlgate, and give material to escape, reflect, and be moved.

Exhibitions and educational projects

In 2022, young schoolchildren discovered image professions during workshops organized by professional photographers at the Houlgate school. Others were able to participate in a video workshop supervised by Flore Onissah, image reporter. A great way to learn to see the world differently!

A discount expected

Le GRAND PRIX WOMEN EXHIBIT – FUJIFILM rewarded the photographer Livia Saavedra for her report “The midwives of Chocó”.

Le SAIF PRIZE – WOMEN EXPOSE THEMSELVES valued the work of Émilie Arfeuil on the frontiers of the world.

La LEBANON SCHOLARSHIP – WOMEN EXPOSE THEMSELVES, in support of the photographic project “Domestica (f.) Mythos | Maga | Femina” by Laetitia El Hakim.

Festival les femmes s'exposent

Some practical help!

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