It is at nightfall, in July and August, that the sky of our territory crackles and sparkles with a thousand and one colors. Without further delay, discover the fireworks which, with your eyes turned towards the Norman sky, will leave you dreaming!

Fireworks of July 

See you in 2024 to find out the dates of the July fireworks!

August fireworks

See you in 2024 to find out the dates of the August fireworks!

Are you wandering through Calvados? here the best events of summer 2023, including other fireworks throughout the territory.

The other fireworks of the territory

Apart from the summer season, another time will also make your eyes sparkle during the year. It takes place in February during Cabourg romantic capital, an event that celebrates Valentine's Day with fireworks under the watchful gaze of lovers.

Other times, eyes turned to the sky!