Do you like the Avignon Festival? You will love the Normandy Summer Meetings, each edition dedicated to theater and reading. This year, they will take place from July 16 to August 21, in the four corners of Normandy and the Pays d'Auge. An event to share with friends or family.

The 2022 edition, in 5 figures

  • 100 : the number of events given to an audience of all ages;
  • 50 : the number of places that will host the different events;
  • 20 : this is the number of towns and villages in Normandy where you can experience the festival: Houlgate, Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer, Lion-sur-Mer, Hermanville-sur-Mer, Ouistreham, Merville-Franceville-Plage, Cabourg, Dives-sur-Mer, Villers-sur-Mer, Deauville, Trouville-sur-Mer, Gonfreville l'Orcher, Pont-l'Évêque, Fierville-les-Parcs, Blangy-le-Château, Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives, Mézidon-Canon, Ifs, Colombelles and Caen;
  • 100 : this is the number of years that have passed since the death of Marcel Proust – an iconic figure in the region, which we have already told you about here. On this occasion, a highlight will be devoted to the writer: something to (re)discover his work;
  • 0 : this is the price of a large part of the appointments of the event. Because culture is good, but culture accessible to everyone is better.  

A subject that is more topical than ever

"To the life”: this 2022 edition is placed under the sign of hope. Programming ? Plural, exploring the relationship between literature, nature and ecology. To “affirm the need for the gaze of those who, with passion, tell our lives and question our future”, can we read on the official website of the event.  

A grain of sand, an impalpable little diamond blown by the wind, rolled by the sea... Was it necessary to be modest, reckless, ambitious, to name a young company... Twenty years of existence, of stubborn presence, prove Philippe Müller right and Vincent Vernillat who allowed a now loyal public to follow demanding tracks. A tight schedule, authors to discover or rediscover differently, under the summer foliage, around a solid Norman table. Poetry, adventure and dreams slipping everywhere, impalpable as a grain of sand. Choice guests, a chosen audience, a summer festival that is perhaps unlike any other. A rigorous work that is forgotten, a lot of stubbornness, a lot of verve, sensitivity.

Arlette Albert-Birot, iconic literary critic and honorary president of the festival.

The big children's book festival, named “Leaving in Pound” will take place on June 22. In the program ? No less than 39 multifaceted meetings, designed with the authors and illustrators invited around the theme of friendship. Of the drawing workshops, collage, pop up cards, reading aloud workshops, shows, musical readings, drawn frescoes or alternatively musical tales. An excellent introduction, before discovering, from July 16, the rest of the program. 

A five-star program 

On the literature side, several meetings are organized throughout the event. You will have the opportunity to dive into the world of Lucie Rico, Colette Fellous and Jean-Luc Porquet. The Tanit Théâtre company will present the show “Simone Veil, a free, ardent, determined woman”, while you can settle down “At the table of Marcel Proust” for a meal-show initiated by the company PMVV Le Grain de Sable. A handful of getaways have also been thought out, particularly in the heart of the Pays d'Auge to (re)discover, among other things, Houlgate, Cabourg. If you still hesitate to come accompanied by the little ones, rest assured: the company Paradisiaque will go on stage for “Pouch & Fragile”, a show for young audiences where theater and dance interact. 

Rencontres d'été théâtre & lecture en Normandie

Marie-Christine Barrault, Marianne Basler, Fanny Cottençon, Brigitte Fossey, François Marthouret, Anne-Marie Philipe, Dominique Pinon, Denis Podalydès, Bruno Putzulu, Céline Samie, Didier Sandre, Agnès Desarthe, Colette Fellous, Jérôme Garcin, Alexis Jenni, Jean -Yves Tadié: many exceptional artists and authors will be present this year!

As part of the centenary of the death of Marcel Proust, Jean-Yves Tadié, writer, professor and reference biographer of the author, will lead the conference Proust and society. Nicola Ragonneau will narrate “In search of lost time”, emblematic work that crosses the decades without losing a single wrinkle. 

An event that is (already) celebrating its 21st anniversary 

Shows, musical readings, meetings with authors, literary brunches, conferences, artist residencies or even writing competitions: since 2002, the Compagnie PMVV Le Grain de Sable has brought together an anthology of actors from the world of culture every summer. A literary and theatrical festival that testifies to the attachment of writers and creators to Normandy.

“At the beginning, the festival took place only in Houlgate, where the theater company was located […] as the event seduced the surrounding towns. Institutional partners, such as the Normandy Region or the Ministry of Culture, have supported us. There is a real enthusiasm around the Summer Meetings and the fact that Normandy is a literary land necessarily plays a role”,

Philippe Müller, co-founder of the event, during an interview granted to West France.