Forget everything you know about puppets. Often considered childish, they are highlighted during a festival for young and old alike: RéciDives, an event organized each year in the town of Dives-sur-Mer. 

Artiste vu de dos festival les récidives

The framework

It is in Dives-sur-Mer that the festival settled down several decades ago. Born in 1986, the puppet festival of Dives-sur-Mer was baptized in 2013 “RéciDives, festival of puppet theater and animated forms”. Since 2018, the event has been supported by “Le Sablier, center for the puppetry arts in Normandy – Stage under agreement of national interest, mention art and creation”.


At each edition, the festival notably presents the aesthetic diversity of puppets, through several performances: 

  • Shows 
  • Paint 
  • Works that use digital technologies

“A discipline that is aimed at everyone, with simplicity, depth, poetry and humour, at the crossroads of theater and visual arts, close to cinema and comics, giving a large place to music” : this is how this art is described by aficionados of the genre. And for good reason: a puppet theater is multidisciplinary and hybrid, and therefore contemporary. 

Thus, the materials are set in motion like animated shadows, or projected onto various objects and surfaces. All this, sometimes accompanied by music. The shows, presented indoors and in the street, mix modernity and tradition. In 2021, there were 21 of them (yes, it's quite a coincidence). Puppet lovers were able to discover (among others):

  • La Mue/tte company with “Battre encore”
  • The Bob Théâtre and the Vélo Théâtre with “Harold: The Game”
  • Les Bas Bleus Company with “The Animated Life of Nina W.”
  • The Big up Cie with “Object Side Story…”
  • Renaud Herbin with “Something softens”
  • Scopitone & Cie with “Le petit Poucet”

Through these artistic, multifaceted and (sometimes) unusual proposals, the artists share with the public their view of the world. It sometimes happens that they arouse emotion, but also questions and reflection. Precursors, they often evoke themes that will be at the heart of major social debates. 

A festival on a human scale


Here, there is something for young and old alike: it is therefore the ideal place for families wishing to share great experiences. Friendly, the festival even offers the public the opportunity to meet the artists. Music fan? You will be served! A few festive moments in music are organized throughout the four days of the event. Depending on the editions, certain participatory projects are organised. Like the big closing show of the 2018 edition: “Lost Party”, a musical journey whose theme was the sea. 

Yes, but what should I do with my young children if I want to participate in a show that is not suitable for them?

Don't panic, the festival organizers have thought of everything (yes, even that): a nursery where you can drop off your toddlers while they attend the performances displayed for teenagers and adults is set up for each edition. Paradise, you say?