The town of Houlgate has hosted the European Film Festival for over 20 years. Since 2021, the Normandy seaside resort has been the scene of a completely different event: diving into the Houlgate Festival & Baie de Scène.

See you in 2024 to find out the dates of the festival!

Two founders behind the project

The original idea of ​​the Houlgate Festival et baie de scène was rather simple: bring successful plays to Normandy while providing a springboard for the local scene. An approach carried out by two artists with very different backgrounds.

First there is Jean-Michel Mingasson, originally from Guéret, in the Creuse and passionate about theater since childhood. He befriends Jacqueline Maillan and Judith Magre, who will become his theater godmother. After assisting Jean-Claude Brialy for the Anjou festival, he became administrator of the Michel Galabru theater in Montmartre, before taking care of the Paris Jeunes Talents prize for the city of Paris. He then worked for various Parisian theaters, while presiding over the ATSF (the Association of Administrators of Theaters and Shows in France). Curious by nature, he also wrote several plays.

It's a city on the move. You can listen to classical concerts there, you can admire remarkable photo tours every year, you can hear jazz on the beach, you can see colorful kites flying there, or you can discover exceptional feature films at the cinema. Europeans. Houlgate thus seems to be part of a perpetual movement. 

Jean-Michel Mingasson West trend

Then there is Virginie Lemoine. Comedian, actress and director, she multiplied the projects (on stage and on the small screen), before falling in love with the Norman charm of Houlgate.

Welcomed with open arms by the locals, the two founders also wanted to highlight the young comedians of the region by offering them to go on stage. A real springboard for those who wish to make themselves known in Normandy.

Jean-Michel and I were very keen to open this festival to the region, to reveal its talents. There is an anthology of talents in Normandy who will be the great comedians of tomorrow. But there are already comedians who are well established in their department and their region, and who have a social criticism that concerns this environment.

Virginia Lemoine, West trend
Houlgate festival et baie de scene

Date and program for the 2023 edition

In 2023, the Houlgate Festival & baie de scène continues with an original program. Festival-goers will see:

  • « Abysse Compagnie Remue Cleaning“, an impressive luminous procession, carried by the rhythms of Taikos and electro sounds
  • « Triwap“, 3 brilliant young actors/singers/multi-instrumentalists who write and compose quirky songs. Sketches and gallery of colorful characters in a generous and interactive show
  • « Barber Shop Quartet Opus“, a vocal group where arrangements, writing and acting are a pleasure for the senses
  • « More bifluorinated song Goodbye and thank you » a musical group specializing in parody. Find the best of Sylvain Richardot, Michel Puyau and Xavier Cherrier.

Le young talent comedy contest will close this edition as every year.

The big plus?

The shows are varied and are aimed at a very wide audience: connoisseurs, the curious, young and old. 

Exceptional decor 

Avignon is famous for its bridge on which "we dance, we dance". It is also known for its theater festival, organized every year since 1947. The Houlgate Festival has nothing to envy. Indeed, it can enjoy a unique geographical location which, beyond having conquered the hearts of the locals, will not fail to seduce festival-goers passing through the region. The various events of the festival are held between the cinema of the Houlgate casino and the local village hall.

Parallel events

Shows are also presented during the year and in preview of the festival such as:

  • Dan the Magician, with a book-themed performance
  • Sketch-Frites by the Theater de l'Epope, with an intervention at the Happy Days of Houlgate, for an audience intended for people over 60, autonomous and living alone
  • A photo exhibition that retraces part of the career of Jacqueline Mille, magazine leader – actress.

Absolutely Hilarious perform several times a year. A well-known comedian sponsors or sponsors this set of comedians each year.

Some practical help!

Where to sleep during the festival? Where to find restaurants on Houlgate? Here are some pages that could help you prepare for your visit to make the most of your stay!

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