February 22, 2022

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If following the Côte Fleurie by land is ideal for visiting the various points of interest in the region, rediscovering the Norman landscapes from the sea offers new perspectives on the territory! Whether by kayak, paddle, or aboard an old rig, there are a thousand ways to enjoy the pleasures of a sea trip in Normandy. On board sailors!

Be the only master on board

Catamaran en mer

If you have always dreamed of piloting your own boat, without having the desire to pass your license, The Menhir Rental, located in Cabourg, should make you happy!

This sailing school rents semi-rigid boats, perfect for discovering the Côte Fleurie with family or friends, in complete safety. Embark up to five people on board, and go explore the mouth of the Orne, approach the dam of Cabourg, or observe from a new angle the ornate facade of the Grand Hotel...

For a quieter (but no less sporty) walk, the Menhir Location also offers kayaks for hire, to lose yourself in the labyrinthine waterways of the Marais de la Dives. You will navigate close to the vegetation, and will be able to observe at leisure the fauna and flora of this ecosystem still preserved from Normandy's natural heritage... On one condition: be discreet, because fauna is on its guard !

Also consider the local sailing schools. Many of them offer rental and lessons during the holidays!

Make bursts of speed

Speed ​​lovers will find what they are looking for in jet-ski rental. With or without a license, you can learn about the pleasure of driving your own Jet Ski, all facing the superb beach of Cabourg. At the house of Cabourg-Jet, different formulas are offered to you in order to make the most of your sea trip: free navigation facing the beach, sea excursions of different durations with passage at the foot of the impressive Black Cows cliffs, and even baptism for children (accompanied by an instructor of course).

The more adventurous should particularly appreciate the towed buoy activity! Be careful, you will have to hold on tight if you don't want to fly away...

Take your time

While the bravest will indulge in the joys of jet skiing or towed buoys, the calmer ones will opt for the paddle rental. However, it is not because the activity seems simple on the surface, that it does not require any effort. When the wind blows, you will have to paddle firmly to stay on course! As for finding your balance on the board, some manage it better than others… A great exercise to gently tone your whole body and work on your sense of balance, all facing the pretty Cabourg seafront.


This board on which you row standing or sitting, is ideal for strolling quietly on the sea and observing the beauties of the coast.

Embark on an old rig

Thanks to the CAPAC, the Committee of Friends of Heritage and Coastal Activities, you will be able to slip into the skin of a navigator of past centuries, and discover the sensations provided by a departure at sea aboard old sailboats… This association of enthusiasts restores and preserves the traditional fishing boats formerly based in Dives-sur-Mer.

Flambarts, vaquelottes, keelboats, picoteux… Choose your boat, and set sail alongside volunteers for a two-hour trip along the Côte Fleurie. The opportunity to learn more about Normandy's historical heritage and the profession of sailor as it was practiced in time.

Discover the Dives estuary

If you want to discover the Dives estuary differently, then the commented walks of the Bac de la Dives are made for you. For thirty minutes, you go up the Dives channel by ferry, learn why the marina of Port Guillaume is so called, and unravel the mysteries of the fauna of the estuary... A great activity to do with the family, which can extend with a fishing trip if you wish! Be careful, remember to book in advance, places in the boats are limited.

Get started fishing

Watching the fish for long minutes, then seeing the line of your fishing rod move around before hauling in a good catch... Fishing is a matter of patience, but what satisfaction to catch your first fish! In Dives-sur-Mer, David Jean, fishing guide, introduces you to this activity over a few hours or a day. You will discover the different fishing methods, with lures and bait, or surf casting, which consists of casting your line in the wave. All the equipment is provided, so all you have to do is bring your good mood, and, perhaps, a little patience...