Published on 27 March 2023

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In big cities, they are everywhere: in recent years, non-motorized two-wheelers have been equipped with electric batteries to go faster. Available for hire, these electric bikes and scooters are the ideal option for exploring Normandy, taking your time. 

Between Dives-sur-Mer and Cabourg, there is only one step. To kill two birds with one stone and visit both resorts in a single day, nothing beats switching to bicycles and electric scooters. Two options that each have their advantages. 

Where to rent bicycles and electric scooters in Cabourg? 

Option 1: At Nomadeshop

The store offers many possibilities. Indeed, hundreds of bikes are available here — yes, including electric versions. Want to go on a family outing? You can decide to add a child seat or a cart.

Option 2: I like my bike

Have you ever heard of the mini electric scooter? If you live in town, you've probably come across one before. These are these funny little saddle machines, which can look like Solex. This shop has made it its specialty: here's a good reason to get started. 

And in Dives-sur-Mer? 

Option 1: Evasion Dives

There is no better way to find bikes adapted to your course. Here, they are rented for the day, or for a few hours, depending on the circuit you have chosen to take. To choose the model that suits you, let the attentive teams guide you. 

Option 2: Vloc. Freedom 

For an hour or for half a day: the choice is yours. The shop offers a wide variety of bikes, suitable for young and old alike. Something to discover the territory with the family. Here too, you can opt for electric scooters. 

Which route to choose? 

Once the bikes or scooters are mounted, all that remains is to decide which circuit to take. In autonomy ou accompanied, we have selected a few ideas to give you a little help.

Autonomous circuit

vue aérienne des marais de Varaville

Going on a solo discovery doesn't scare you? Find in our article Estuary, beach and Belle Époque villas by bike routes to crisscross our territory by bike! Don't go too far either, the electric bike is good when it works on the way there, but also on the way back!

Accompanied tour

Be careful, the most difficult will be to make a choice. But advice to lovers of discovery: you can also opt for an ultra-complete and sporty program, by deciding to take them all.

1/ The circuit of the two ports 

Say hello to Ishmael! It is in his company that you will discover the beautiful Norman territory. With him, you will discover the marina and the fishing port of Dives-sur-Mer - it is also in the latter that we find the fish market. You will then end the visit by following the Dives estuary. 

Recommended two-wheelers: bullster ou electric scooter All Terrain. 

2/ The circuit of the small Cider Route

In Normandy, electric bicycles and scooters are all-terrain and allow you to visit the region in a comfortable version. Here again, it is Ishmael who will take the reins of your journey. On the program during your visit: trails in the forest, country lanes, discovery of half-timbered houses and small churches... 

The must ? The Chapel of Clermont, which culminates at 100 meters above sea level, offers a breathtaking view of the territory. Last step ? A stop over a boletus of cider, in the village of Beuvron-en-Auge

3/ The Houlgate circuit 

Have you dreamed of discovering the "pearl of the Côte Fleurie", and the architectural achievements of the Belle Époque? Bingo. This walk lasts 1h45 (perfect for the whole family, therefore), and is often offered as an extension of the circuit of the two ports.

Not to be missed during the walk: the Landry mill, a nugget of heritage now transformed into a manor house. 

4/ The marshes circuit 

Direction the marshes south of Cabourg, to wander between the canals and the pastures. Do your children like ducks, cows and other animals? This is probably the circuit for you. An incredible place to learn about the fauna and flora, both young and old.

And if you are lucky, you may be able to observe migrating birds in search of a little rest. 

5/ The circuit of the Vaches Noires cliffs 

The place is classified as a "site of scientific and landscape interest", and you just have to visit it to understand why. Indeed, the site has both geological and paleontological richness.

Whatever your interests, it should therefore be able to satisfy your desires – including if you like the great outdoors and exceptional landscapes. This circuit also allows you to discover the Belle Époque villas of the territory. 

6/ The bay circuit 

If you have not yet had the opportunity to discover the Orne estuary, this is the perfect opportunity! Historic site, this is where part of the Battle of Normandy was fought on June 6, 1944.

To find out more, don't hesitate to book tickets in one of the area's museums, or visit the various memorial sites scattered here and there. 

The advantages of the electric bike

  • The possibility of remaining seated;
  • The addition of a basket, to carry the sweet and savory sweets that you will buy along the way;
  • The child seat option, which allows you to pedal with your offspring comfortably seated in the back.

The advantages of the electric scooter 

  • The wheels of certain models, all-terrain and therefore suitable for paths;
  • Easy handling;
  • Routes greatly shortened over short distances.

Know before starting!

These electric bikes and scooters are motorized, so they go faster than if you were using just your leg power. It is therefore strongly recommended to practice these activities with a helmet and gloves.