Periers-en-Auge will appeal to lovers of Normandy countryside, looking for a quiet place to rest. Indeed, the village has a preserved nature, straddling the slopes of Pays d'Auge and on marsh of the Dives. The advantage of this village is clearly its geographical location, bordering Dives-sur-Mer and close to the beaches of Cabourg and Houlgate . While being peaceful, it hosts an important commercial area.

Canal de Périers-en-Auge

Périers-en-Auge, an extended village

From the heights of Périers-en-Auge, it is possible to see a pretty panorama of the coast. Indeed, the highest point of the village is 126 m above sea level, a difference in height that is felt when you take the long coast of the departmental road 27. You will see the Périers-en-Auge town hall on the road.

Mairie de Périers-en-Auge

To find the village church, you will have to go west, a few kilometers away. Saint-Firmin church was built in the twelfthe and XIIIe centuries and was remodeled in the XNUMXthe century. Located at the foot of the last hills of the Pays d'Auge, it is surprisingly isolated and perched on a hill above the marshes of the Dives. Inside, notice the baptismal font, the beam of glory and the funerary slab of priest Louis Morice, buried in 1749.

The great story in Périers-en-Auge

Eight air crashes were identified in the villages of Grangues, Périers-en-Auge and Brucourt, June 6, 1944, during the Battle of Normandy. What happened ? During Operation Tonga, units of the 6e airborne division were dropped by gliders to secure part of the landing area. Alas, many accidents took place. In Périers, the CN94 glider fell near the river. The 30 soldiers on board were to join Major Howard for the "coup de main" operation in Ranville. In the cemetery adjoining the church rest 2 of the British soldiers