Sallenelles is an authentic village in the heart of unspoilt countryside, located the mouth of the Orne and only 15 minutes from Caen. It has several advantages, the main one being its grandiose setting. Paths guide you to discover the center of the village up to the splendid Bay of Sallenelles. Walk, breathe and open, without hesitation, the doors of the Maison de la nature et de l’estuaire (nature and estuary interpretation centre) . You will know everything about the biodiversity that surrounds you!

Panorama de Sallenelles

Sallenelles, a historic town

Start with a visit to the town, which owes its name to its former activity as salt production. The village is not lacking in charm with its houses built in Caen stone and its calm and authentic atmosphere. In 1944, Sallenelles was the scene of the battles of the Battle of Normandy. A stele also pays homage to the Piron Brigade who liberated the city from German forces.

Sallenelles Bay

Sallenelles is at the heart of an exceptional and beautifully preserved environment. thousand hectares of wild nature protected offer breathing space in a highly urbanized coastline. A stroll in the bay and a visit to the museum are therefore two essential activities of your Norman stay.

Sometimes nicknamed the small Somme, the bay of Orne has a wide variety of flora and fauna. It is a privileged refuge for Migrator birds who come to rest here.

There are more than 400 species of birds!

You will also have the opportunity to see seals, more and more numerous. The Sallenelles bay hike guides you from the Maison de la nature and the estuary to Redoubt of Merville , passing through the Orne estuary and the Gros Banc Ornithological Reserve. Allow an average of 4 hours to complete the 15 km of trails and take full advantage of this grandiose nature.

The House of Nature and the Estuary

La Maison de la nature et de l’estuaire (nature and estuary interpretation centre) is an interpretation centre, a "relay for raising awareness of nature". Particularly suitable for families, the visit is fun and interactive. The programming is nevertheless rich and will delight all nature lovers with temporary exhibitions, events, workshops and field observations. Take a look at theagenda, you will certainly find an outing to do in one of the largest protected natural areas in the Calvados.