Gonneville sur Mer

Gonneville sur Mer is a village rich in contrasts in the Normandy Cabourg Pays d'Auge community of communes. To the south, its green landscapes are hilly and made up of groves, typical of the Pays d'Auge. To the north, Gonneville-sur-Mer has a few kilometers of littoral nestled between the towns of Houlgate andAuberville. Those are the Black Cows cliffs, from which the view is striking on the the Channel and the coast of Calvados. Overview of this charming town.


Hikes in Gonneville-sur-Mer

If you like to walk, several hikes are signposted and allow you to discover Gonneville-sur-Mer quietly, to the rhythm of your steps. The village culminates at 150 m, you can expect to have to climb a few hills. 

Land side

Discover the built heritage of the hinterland (half-timbered houses, church, mansions) and the green valleys by taking the loop of the "Cave paths and half-timbered" from the church of Gonneville- on sea.


During the hike, you will pass in front of the church Our Lady of the Assumption. It dates from the Romanesque period, but has been greatly modified over time. Its nave, the oldest part, dates from the end of the XNUMXthe century.

In 1920, the city carried out a major restoration campaign. During this work, holes in the choir were discovered about 5 m high. They contained medieval urns with human ashes. The interior of the church is adorned with a few interesting objects : altars in polychrome wood, a sculpted altarpiece and a missal made in 1662 by the pontifical printing press in Rome, containing 29 engravings by renowned artists.

Sea side

A magnificent panorama of the cliffs of the Vaches Noires awaits you. To get there, be prepared to walk a loop of about 3 hours. It runs along the beaches of Houlgate and Villers-sur-Mer and goes up to the heights ofAuberville and from Gonneville-sur-Mer, by sunken lanes.

For the little anecdote, the site of the "Black Cows cliffs" is a place of major paleontological discoveries. If its name appeals to you, take a step back to observe the rocks on the beach. Don't they make you think of… black cows? 

The other curiosities of Gonnevillais

Close to the church, at the beginning of the chemin du four, the Sainte-Honorine fountain pours out its water which would have the property of curing eye diseases. The Gallic martyr and holy healer was the object of an important cult in Normandy. It is not the only one in the Pays d'Auge. Other villages have a miraculous source like Saint Jouin, Brucourt et Grangues. They are all dedicated to a holy healer.

A few meters further down, below the town hall, the Clos Gunnulf is a landscaped space. An Augeron-type hall was built, picnic tables installed, an apiary established. An orchard of 53 apple trees, a bowling green and games for children complete the package. The whole is bordered by a bocage hedge. 

Gonneville-sur-Mer also has beautiful old residences on its territory: the castle of Dramard and Angerville Manor. THE Beuzeval castle, meanwhile, keeps an eye on the magnificent 18-hole golf course. The environment is superb and this course should delight golfers. 

If you want to enjoy Gonneville-sur-Mer for longer, you have a wide choice tourist accommodation : quality lodges, four campsites and friendly guest rooms.