Dozulé is quite characteristic of Norman towns in the hinterland. The village is crossed by a secondary road, the Grande Rue, bordered on each side by shops. Located 15 minutes from the seaside resorts of Cabourg and Houlgate, Dozulé is a town of about 2 inhabitants which does not lack dynamism. Stopping there will allow you to do some shopping at the market on Tuesdays or have lunch in one of its restaurants, at the Candied apple or to Norman Hotel.


Dozulé, an ideal geographical location

Dozulé also has a considerable choice of lodges and bed and breakfasts. If you prefer the quiet Pays d'Auge to the effervescence of Côte Fleurie, Dozulé turns out to be a good place to stay for your Normandy holidays. Ideal gateway to the Augeronne countryside, you can easily reach the main attractions of the Calvados from the village, whether it is the Normandy beaches, the Cider Route, Beuvron-en-Auge or Pont-l'Evêque. Access to the A13 is a few minutes away, you will be in Caen in just 30 minutes!

A little tour in Dozulé

If the wars did not spare Dozulé, some buildings remain the witnesses of the past and deserve a glance: the wash, the old one presbytery and former stud farms become the cultural space Fernand Seigneurie. The plans of the Church of Our Lady of Dozulé, in neo-Gothic style, were designed by the architect Louis-Alexandre Piel and implemented from 1843. The church was not finished until… 1990! For lack of means, the bell tower was never built in the XNUMXth century.e century and we took advantage of its restoration in the 90s to install the missing piece, a statue of the Virgin and Child, above the entrance porch.

A dynamic village

Dozulé has many shops which make it a central town in the Pays d'Auge. From animations also take place throughout the year. Do not hesitate to inquire at the tourist office. Here is already a taste of the festivities: exhibitions, craftsmen's market and Norman parade during Dozul'en May, national holiday of July 14, apple festival, Christmas market, etc.


For horse lovers, book your ticket at the racecourse of Dozulé in the neighboring town ofAngerville. Each year, 3 races are organized on Ascension Thursdays and in August.

The surroundings of Dozulé

You only need to travel a few kilometers to push the doors of Norman cider and cheese producers and immerse yourself in the heritage and history of the region. The surroundings of Dozulé are rich in opportunities for visits and tastings in the farms of the Pays d'Auge. Open your eyes and observe the typical half-timbered architecture, as well as the mansions that dot the bocage. 

Le circuit of charming churches, for example, offers you a one-hour ride, with your vehicle, in the surrounding villages.

The hiking or horseback riding are still the best way to immerse yourself in the country of Dozulé. The route of "Dozule Wood" starts from the center and travels 14 km through the heart of the Pays d'Auge. It will take you 3h30 to discover the surroundings of Dozulé and the border towns of Saint-Leger Dubosq et Saint Jouin.