In the municipality of Bavent is a magnificent place that opens the doors to a world where creativity has no limits. Welcome to Poterie du Mesnil de Bavent, the guardian of a 180-year-old know-how!

Mesnil de Bavent pottery, a centuries-old Norman craft

It is on the Mesnil road, between Caen and Cabourg, that is the pottery and its village of craftsmen. Specialized in ceramic and the manufacture offinials, the craftsmen of the Poterie du Mesnil de Bavent also make other objects such as animals (cats, birds, rabbits, dogs, squirrels, etc.), wall accessories (cabochons, friezes, sundials, etc.) and medieval cobblestones .

What is a finial?

Roofing accessory, thefinial adorns many buildings and Belle Epoque villas across Normandy. Originally, it was used to seal the framework by covering the projecting parts of the roofs. Over time, it has taken on, in addition to its functional utility, a decorative dimension.

The finial is a roof crown made of enamelled or unglazed terracotta.

Pottery of Mesnil de Bavent

Un finial is divided into 3 parts. There are :

  • The ridge tile, which is at the base;
  • The central element;
  • The crowning or head of the cob.

These different elements fit into each other along an iron rod fixed in the roof.

Although it has become decorative, the process of making the finial has not changed over time. The work of craftsmen Pottery of Mesnil de Bavent is always done by hand, respecting the ancestral methods that are stamping and shooting.

A Living Heritage Company label

Initiated in 1842, the activity of the Pottery of Mesnil de Bavent celebrated its 2022th anniversary in 180. A rare and authentic know-how that has endured over time thanks to the unfailing commitment of the Kay-Mouat family. This work to safeguard Normandy's heritage has also enabled the Pottery of Mesnil de Bavent to be labeled Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant. A reward that highlights the devotion and work of these Norman craftsmen.

Discover the pottery of Mesnil de Bavent through visits and workshops

Throughout the year, the Pottery of Mesnil de Bavent organizes visits and workshops for school groups, coach operators, individuals and associations. 


Visitors can:

  • witness the transformation of a block of clay;
  • learn about stamping (subject to reservation);
  • visit the Poterie du Mesnil mansion.

Did you know?

The Poterie du Mesnil de Bavent has a Museum of finials which traces the history of the site, the stages of construction. Old ovens and an exceptional collection of finials, the oldest of which date from the XNUMXth centurye century are also observable.


Secretly called The little Norman Hogwarts by the tourist office team, the Manoir de la Poterie du Mesnil is easily recognizable. You can easily park on the site to discover the craftsmen.

The pottery village

La Pottery of Mesnil de Bavent is home to a village of creative artisans. Visitors can go there to discover the boutique workshops and observe the unique pieces that are made there. But that's not all, at the bottom of the village there is a magnificent lost garden: an ideal place for relaxation and picnics.