As a family, alone, on the sand, in the dunes, in kite gear, in swimming shorts, in a striped, polka dot or flesh-colored swimsuit: the beach at Merville-Franceville-Plage is large enough to accommodate you all. Because yes, finding your little patch of fine sand and enjoying the mild sea air as close as possible to Norman nature: here, it's not impossible!

A beach with multiple activities

Gros plan sur une corbeille de plage de Merville

In Merville-Franceville-Plage, a large part of the beach is bordered by a pleasant promenade. While strolling along the seafront, you will discover a mini-golf course, a learning pool, a pump track, picnic tables and outdoor games, perfect for having fun with your little family.

Me, what I prefer is above all to go fishing on foot and collect pretty shells for grandma.

Lovers of nautical sports, and especially kite-surfing, will not tell you the opposite: the beach of Merville-Franceville-Plage has a very good reputation. This spot benefits from "basins", small coves surrounded by sand which allow you to navigate whatever the direction of the wind, including on land.

activité kite surf
cours de yoga sur la plage de Merville

The first permanent school

Favorable conditions and the rise in activity led the municipality to innovate by building the first permanent "hard" structure housing a kite-surfing school with on-site equipment rental, hot showers, changing rooms and lockers, Friendly “clubhouse” and wooden terrace for a drink…

Nature a few steps away

At the ends, nature reclaims its rights where marram grass and sand dunes give the beach a wilder character, far from displeasing walkers and botanists at heart. The House of the nature of and the estuary will also be delighted to welcome visitors wishing to learn about the mysteries that surround this Natura 2000 zone, straddling fresh water and sea water.


On the western tip, the beach leads to theOrne estuary, the natural jewel of Merville-Franceville-Plage.

To each his own little corner of paradise

Whether for sunbathing, walking, pedaling, galloping or flying away in the wind, the beach of Merville-Franceville-Plage has achieved the feat of seducing a varied public. Here, budding engineers build their sand castles under the acrobatics of kites. The Sunday rowers observe the reckless lovers of sliding sports in the distance. And textiles, just like non-textiles, quietly benefit from the sea air.

Not far from the Redoute de Merville car park, behind the dune area, is a land of freedom where men and women enjoy the benefits of the sea air in the simplest way.

This naturist area, which has existed since 1993, is delimited by a display and five large white poles, topped with flags of the French Federation of Naturism. The dream place, for those who wish, to live closer to nature and celebrate the sweetness and art of living in Normandy!

To live happily, live bare bottoms!

Did you know?

In addition to Redoubt of Merville, vestiges of the Second World War, such as the bunkers, are visible from the car park.

Accessibility and monitoring

The beach is accessible by:

  • The main car park
  • Kite-r Evolution
  • The playground
  • Avenue Jean Mermoz
  • The avenue of the Fleurie coast
  • The Seagulls car park
  • The Magniez car park (only reserved for horses and their riders)

In July-August, 3 first-aid posts are open every day from 12 p.m. to 18 p.m.

Un Tiralo is available for people with reduced mobility at the same times as the N1 first aid station. Toilets and showers as well as baby-changing equipment are also available at this same station.