At the crossroads of the Orne estuary, hiking trails and the greenway, the Maison de la nature et de l'estuaire is a place of knowledge and observation at the service of "Sea nature". 

A permanent center for environmental initiatives

This is at Sallenelles, near the Orne estuary, is the Maison de la nature et de l'estuaire. Permanent Center for Environmental Initiatives (CPIE), she explains to nature lovers and curious visitors why this natural, rich and preserved environment is so special.

Visits and exhibitions

To learn more about the estuary and the species that live there, the Maison de la nature et de l'estuaire organizes:

  • of visits ;
  • of discovery outings ;
  • of nature entertainment for all audiences.

In addition, temporary exhibitions are also held throughout the year. They allow you to learn more about the living beings that inhabit one of the green jewels of our territory.


Close to hiking trails and a greenway, the Maison de la nature et de l’estuaire (nature and estuary interpretation centre) is the perfect place to catch your breath. The perfect opportunity to enjoy the exhibitions and admire the surrounding nature.

Our agenda so you don't miss a thing

THEonline agenda of the tourist office gathers all the animations of the territory. To make sure you don't miss any of those at the Maison de la nature and the estuary, filter your search with the menu on the left using the categories “visit”, “unusual”, “hike/walk”. And for the exhibitions, go to our dedicated page!