A casino that combines period charm and modernity

Casino de Houlgate

It's at the end of the Roland Garros Promenade, Not far from the former Grand Hotel, where is the Houlgate Casino. A stone's throw from the beach, it offers, in the charm of a Belle Époque seaside resort, all the modernity of today's casino games*.

The games available on site:

  • 75 slot machines
  • 7 electronic Black Jack stations
  • 6 electronic English Roulette stations
  • 2 Boules tables 2000

*gambling involves risks: indebtedness, isolation, dependency. For help, call 09 74 75 13 13 (non-surcharged call).

Did you know?

In 1859, a first wooden casino was built in front of the Grand Hotel to satisfy the Parisian clientele who came to relax on holiday.

In 1877, the current casino opened its doors. A few decades and works later, a theater is laid out there and actors and musicians settle there.

Camille Saint-Saëns, Claude Debussy, Émile Zola, Franc-Nohain, Roland Garros and so many others have passed here.

Are you interested in history? Do not hesitate to follow the guided tours of the tourist office to learn more about the origins of the seaside resort, the former Grand Hotel and the casino.

Bad luck at gambling?

Here is a small list of lucky charms! Their powers of attraction have not yet been verified by our fine team, but we trust the urban legends!

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