Take a 2 km beach, entwined from West to East by lush greenery. Add to it a finely iodized sea air, soft rays that caress the face, playful laughter carried away by a few gusts of wind and magnificent villas by the sea. You are in front of one of the most beautiful beaches in Normandy painted by the nature. 

A beach with remarkable buildings

Bordered on one side by the English Channel and on the other by Belle Époque villas and the Roland Garros Promenade, Houlgate beach is located between the port of Dives-sur-Mer and Villers-sur-Mer. 

Along the way, many structures catch the eye. Beyond the magnificent Belles Époque villas, two remarkable buildings deserve attention. The first, recognizable by its rotunda which dates from 1904, is none other than the former Grand Hôtel de Houlgate. The second comes to us from a distant past, when the earth was populated by ferocious reptiles several meters high. These are the Black Cows cliffs.


To the east of the beach, you will find, at the corner of a villa, the staircase of the 100 steps of Houlgate. It will lead you, after a few stretches and a dose of courage, to a viewpoint over the station.

Activities around the beach

The nautical activities are not lacking on Houlgate beach. Family resort par excellence, children will also find many sports and leisure activities to have fun.

Major events around the beach

Houlgate Plein Vent, a fort against the sea, sandcastle competition, sea bathing, The Women Exposed Festival : throughout the year, Houlgate beach is the place of many events, both sporting, family and cultural. 

Accessibility and security

If you have to remember a route: remember Bath Street. It is the street parallel to the beach. It follows it for almost the entire length and joins the beach by perpendicular paths.

On the parking side, there are several. You will find what you need here.

In terms of safety, the beach has two lifeguard stations. The first next to the casino and the second next to the temple

For board sports enthusiasts, the beach has launching channels for sailing and/or motor boats.