Along the Promenade Marcel Proust, let yourself be carried away in a poetic work that celebrates a universal feeling in 131 different ways: love. Without further ado, set off to meet a meridian that promotes rapprochement, exchange and understanding between peoples.

What is the meridian of love?

Located a stone's throw from the Greenwich Meridian, the Meridian of Love is an imaginary route that stretches from East to West, from Cap Cabourg beach to the Thalasso. It is made up of 104 foundation nails which line the ground of the Marcel Proust Promenade.

Le Méridien de l'Amour was inaugurated on June 8, 2016, on the occasion of the 30e anniversary of the Cabourg Film Festival. It celebrates peace, solidarity, brotherhood and dialogue between peoples.

Clou du meridien de l'amour à Cabourg

These nails, made by the Monnaie de Paris, symbolize the Meridian of Love and guide visitors through a journey to 131 destinations, along the seafront of Cabourg beach. On this same line, 5 columns, called Morris columns, represent the 5 continents and house 104 different declensions of the word love. 

Did you know?

The N of the word "meridian" inscribed on each nail conceals a secret: it acts as a compass and marks the North.

The Morris columns of the Meridian of Love, where are they?

These magnificent copper ladies dressed in shadow blue and wearing two swans bearing the effigy of the Swanns d'or du Cabourg Film Festival do not go unnoticed.


The Morris Columns

Proudly erected along the Promenade Marcel Proust, they display turnstiles on which telegrams and a few words of love swirl with the wind and the hands of visitors.

Looking for the location of the Morris columns of the Meridian of Love? Follow the guide just below!


The Morris Column of Asia

4 min walk

The Morris Column of Asia

    4 min walk

She is west of the Grand Hôtel de Cabourg.

42 declensions of the word love are listed there. Among the variations, you will find love in French, Hebrew, Uzbek, Dari, Nepali, Laotian, Turkish, Maldivian, Arabic, Burmese, Portuguese and many others from the Asian continent.

Colonne Maurice du méridien de l'amour à Cabourg

The Morris Column of Europe

    6min walk

It is located west of the Marcel Proust Promenade, at the crossroads with avenue des Algues Marines, not far from the Cap Cabourg beach.

Colonne Maurice du méridien de l'amour à Cabourg

It houses 39 declensions of the word love. You will find for example the word love in French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Irish, Welsh, Greek, Danish, Hungarian, Finnish, Croatian, Serbian, Slovak, Dutch, Norwegian, Latin, Swedish, Bulgarian and many others. other languages ​​of the European continent.

The Morris Column of Africa

    2min walk

She is to the east of the Cabourg Casino.

She accomodates 20 variations from the word love: in Hausa, Shikomor, Kinyarwanda, Amazigh, Tswana, Sotho, Sango, Afrikaans, Kirundi, Malagasy, Somali, Tigrina, Swahili, Siswati, Amharic, Cape Verdean Creole and many more.

The Morris Column of America

    4min walk

She is East of Promenade Marcel Proust.

It contains 8 variations of the word love in Guarani, Quechua, Creole, French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The Morris Column of Oceania

    4min walk

It is to the east at the end of the Promenade Marcel Proust, close to the Thalasso.

Colonne Maurice du méridien de l'amour à Cabourg

She accomodates 8 variations from the word love in Maori, Nauruan, Tongan, French, English, Tuvaluan, Samoan and Poloasian.

Want to bring back a souvenir? Nails, postcards and coins from the Monnaie de Paris stamped Méridien de l'Amour are on sale at the Cabourg tourist office:

  • Paris currency of the Meridian of Love: 15€
  • Postcard from the Meridian of Love: €2
  • Nail of the Meridian of Love: 80€

And if you want to learn more about the genesis of the project, consult the official website of the Meridian of Love.

Let yourself be carried by love through the territory!

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