Are you planning a visit to Cabourg? Here are the main attractions you must tick off during your visit: Grand Hotel, Marcel Proust Promenade, Villa du Temps retrouvé, casino. Read on to find out more!

Cabourg Beach

Stretching over 2 miles, Cabourg's fine sandy beach is the ideal place to enjoy the benefits of the sea. Lined by a fully pedestrianised promenade,it offers panoramic views with ever-changing colours depending on the season and the weather.


Often called the "beach of romantics" it's also a playground for kitesurfers, a favourite spot for beach walkers and a place for horses to unwind after a frenzied race.

Grand Hôtel de Cabourg

Located in the center of the Marcel Proust Walk, le Grand Hotel is unmissable. From its imposing facade, it dominates the beach. Inside, the sumptuous architecture Belle Epoque The hotel has 71 rooms, including 3 suites which are spread throughout the building.

Marcel Proust Promenade

With its 1.8 miles seawall, the Marcel Proust Promenade is Europe's longest pedestrian promenade. It runs alongside Cabourg beach and offers a magnificent view over a large stretch of the Normandy coastline, from the Côte Nacre, along the Côte Fleurie all the way to Le Havre.

Couple sur la Promenade Marcel Proust

It has always been a popular spot for a stroll or an early morning jog.

Villa du Temps retrouvé


In the heart of the city, this museum space, ingeniously composed of a digital mediation system, transports its visitors into the world of the Belle Époque. Free access or guided tour, the Villa du Temps retrouvé offers a journey through the imagination of Marcel Proust and many other artists. It has a boutique and a tea room opening onto a Belle Époque garden.

Cabourg Casino

Backed by the Grand Hôtel, the Cabourg Casino is one of the major institutions of our resort. Many of our visitors stop by to play but also to take a closer look at one of the centerpieces of the building: the grounds of the Italian Belle Époque theater. THE casino, it is also a place of relaxation with its terrace and lounge bar, sea view.


Casino Gardens

Located at the end of the Avenue de la Mer, the Cabourg Casino gardens are a real invitation to relax and unwind. Summer or winter, they are bathed in sunlight and offer 360° views of Belle Epoque villas and numerous plant species. The Casino gardens are also home to a number of statues, including that of the former mayor Charles Bertrand and a sculpture of the Swann d'or awarded at the Cabourg Romantic Film Festival. Benches are dotted around the gardens allowing you to admire the architectural prowess of humans and nature or to just simply take a moment to enjoy the surroundings.


You may well be wondering what the building is in the Casino gardens near the Avenue de la Mer. It's the former tourist office. Converted into a gift shop, it's bursting with treasures adorned with the name of the resort!

Discover the resort's villas through our tour available in our information centres or to download.

Nylic Square

A stone's throw from the Casino gardens, Nylic Square is another little oasis of greenery. In summer, it is adorned with a thousand and one colours where butterflies, ladybirds and harmless bumblebees come to spin and twirl. There are two entrances to the square with benches and a free mini-library.

Hôtel les Bains de Cabourg Thalazur Thalassothérapie & Spa

The only thalassotherapy centre in the Normandy Cabourg Pays d'Auge region, the Hôtel des Bains de Cabourg is located on Marcel Proust Promenade as you walk in the direction of Ouistreham.

Lying in 6 hectares of grounds, the 4-star hotel has 14 suites and 165 rooms, each of which has a balcony overlooking the sea or the garden.

The Thalazur spa offers a wide range of treatment packages (from a few hours to a few days). Sculpting, hydrojets or heated salt water baths are just some suggestions for a romantic weekend away.

Cap Cabourg Dunes

Leave Marcel Proust Promenade and head east for a stroll in the Cap Cabourg dunes. Very popular with photographers, they provide magnificent views over Houlgate, Dives-sur-Mer and its estuary.


A wild beach to share with the family and a perfect place to walk your dog or ride your horse, along the stretch of sand, at low tide.

But that's not all, each year Cap Cabourg beach is the place to be for fans of electro pop music when it hosts the Cabourg mon Amour festival.

Marais de la Dives wetland

Cabourg has more than its fair share of treasures and this is one that Mother Nature has decided to hide to the south of our resort. The Dives wetland provides the perfect setting for a gentle family walk along the river.