4 kilometers of fine sand along the Marcel Proust Promenade, that's what you get Cabourg beach, neither more nor less, to enjoy a moment of tranquility. Whether at sunrise or sunset, during a walk to enjoy the iodized air or a moment of contemplation to admire the seaside villas; the one that is nicknamed "the beach of the romantics" has not finished surprising you.

A unique panorama on the Côte Fleurie

Cabourg beach, it is above all a magnificent beach of fine sand dressed in pastel colors that change over time and with the seasons. Blue, green, yellow, orange, pink; so many colors that combine and give this romantic character to one of the most beautiful beaches in Normandy.

But Cabourg beach is also a panorama which stretches as far as the eye can see. Of the Coast of Nacre to the Côte Fleurie, each of the coastal towns of Ouistreham, the Home Varaville, Houlgate, Trouville-sur-Mer, Deauville or Le Havre, invite themselves into the landscape accompanied by seagulls, gulls, razor clams and cockles. 

Did you know?

On days with heavy swells, Cabourg beach is covered in a misty coat. A dreamy spectacle which adds a pinch of “mysticism” to the beach but which in no way detracts from its romantic character.

Plage de Cabourg brumeuse

If you are facing the sea, with the Grand Hotel and Cabourg Casino behind you, Cabourg beach will take you east towards Cap Cabourg and its dunes or west towards Home-Varaville beach.

Femme qui pique nique dans les dunes

1 range, 2 atmospheres

The beach of Cape Cabourg is the easternmost beach of the seaside resort and the closest to the mouth of the Dives and Houlgate. Reserved area of ​​Cabourg, it is a wild beach, bordered by dunes, where dogs are allowed.

If you are a hunter Sunrise, the dunes of Cap Cabourg should satisfy you! Moreover, they are part of our top 10 instagrammable places in our territory. Do not hesitate to visit it.

To the west is Home-Varaville beach, which extends as a natural extension of Cabourg beach.

Just as huge, it gives pride of place to happy readers who appreciate the calm of the beach. 

A sunset in Cabourg

Coucher de soleil

It is the precise moment when everything seems to stop and when the Normandy coast takes on its most beautiful colors. Orange, purple, pink and red: the sky is tinged with shades of colors that the sea hastens to reflect.

If you spend a night in Cabourg, take a few minutes to enjoy this natural fireworks display. There is no better place than the Marcel Proust promenade, or the waterfront to observe this spectacle. To be enjoyed as a couple, alone, with friends, a cocktail or a glass in hand. 

Many activities to do

The beach is a place conducive to many activities that can be practiced with your feet in the water or on the dry sand. Kitesurfing, sand yachting, longe-coast, horseback riding, fishing on foot are just one example of the many activities on offer.

A resort dedicated to families, Cabourg beach also offers numerous children's activities.

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Club Cabourg

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