Normandy Cabourg Pays d'Auge, it is a small territory endowed with a great wealth of heritage. His particuliarity ? A mix between history and timeless beauty, one of its greatest strengths. It will only take one stay, just one, for you to fall under the spell of its Norman architecture. Set off on an eclectic journey.

Half-timbered houses and Norman cottages

A walk in the Pays d'Auge ? This will be an opportunity to contemplate very beautiful timber-framed buildings. Many of them have been preserved since the Middle Ages: cottages, mansions et stud half-timbered will amaze you. 

Make a stopover in the village of Beuvron-en-Auge, nestled in the heart of Aubergine countryside and renowned for embodying the typical Normandy atmosphere.

In this setting classified among The Most Beautiful Villages of France, you will be charmed by the houses of the XVII and XVIIIe centuries, adorned with half-timbered walls, which look like a postcard setting.

Normandy is probably with Alsace, the region which counts the greatest number of half-timbered houses ! More specifically, the " farmhouses are long, single-storey houses with roofs covered with thatch. They bear witness to a real know-how registered at the National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Another place to discover: the art village of William the Conqueror à Dives-sur-Mer. Once through the gates of the old post house, you travel to another era, embodied by typical Norman architecture, decorated with woodcarvings in medieval or Renaissance style

Village d'art Guillaume le Conquérant

Belle Epoque architecture

Let's change times and places to discover the other architectural trend emblematic of our Normandy territory: the style Belle Epoque.

An eclectic style

Façades de villas de Houlgate

More than a unique style, Belle Époque architecture is multiple. Its key word: eclecticism ! In the XNUMXthe century, genius architects like Parent, Mauclerc, Lewicki and Baumier (father and son) displayed all their creativity and were inspired by many previous movements.

This architectural style is easily observed during a walk in Cabourg and Houlgate. At the bend of each street, the beauty of the villas, these masterpieces of Belle Époque architecture, surprise and hypnotize!

Stroll through these two seaside resorts will allow you to soak up this Belle Epoque atmosphere, still palpable. Imagine women in long dresses, protecting themselves from the sun with a parasol and men dressed in a three-piece suit and a top hat and observe the ornate balconies, the bow windows, the decorations of glazed tiles and mosaics and the turrets.

It is the architecture of opulence where you had to show who was the richest and compete with your neighbor.

Among the most remarkable ornaments are the finials, waterproofing and decorative elements that adorn the roofs of the villas. Moreover, to see more villas and finials, let yourself be guided by our villa circuit. It will lead you to discover these extraordinary buildings. Also don't miss the Grand Hotels of Cabourg and Houlgate and the Villa du Temps retrouvé to perfect your wonderful journey through this eclectic past.