Published January 16 2024

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Fine gourmets will confirm it to you: the discovery of a territory also involves the plate! Find restaurant ideas here for a culinary experience from Houlgate to Merville-Franceville-Plage and from Cabourg to Beuvron-en-Auge.

On the way to a taste epic with captivating flavors and surprising places!

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Le Pavé d’Auge


Le Pavé d’Auge


A modern kitchen in one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France. 

To begin this culinary experience, we take you, through the Pays d’Auge, to a restaurant with an almost eponymous name, the Pavé d'Auge. Located in the old halls, in the heart of Beuvron-en-Auge, this gourmet restaurant offers modern dishes based on local and seasonal products. In terms of decoration, beams and a traditional fireplace bring this Norman authenticity at first glance.

Le Pavé d’Auge is a restaurant that makes you feel as close as possible to the region. 

How much for the wallet?

Type Price
Adult menu 59 €
Adult menu 67 €
Adult menu 77 €
Adult menu 87 €

After your meal, take advantage of your presence in the village to stroll and stroll through the shops or simply treat yourself to a digestive walk in the surroundings of the Augeron countryside. 

La Colomb'Auge 


Authenticity at the heart of a traditional Norman house 

The next culinary step takes you to the Colomb'Auge, the Place Vermughen creperie which was selected by Gault & Millau. Recognizable by its brand, the restaurant is located in a typical Norman half-timbered house with a period fireplace. Once seated in the large room, you will enjoy tasting tasty pancakes and crepes garnished with good Normandy products.  

At an authentic place, a must-have recipe: if you decide to stop at the Colomb’Auge, try the scallop galette, a house recipe.

A cake at all costs

Type Price
A la carte 10 € - 15 €

The rest of our gourmet epic will take place along the Côte Fleurie, from west to east, passing in particular through the towns of Merville-Franceville-Plage, VaravilleCabourgHoulgate et Gonneville sur Mer.

The Péché Iodé Reserve 


A treat as much for the eyes as for the taste buds! 

Here, everything comes together to make you enjoy a colorful meal. Coming from short circuits, the ingredients used in the preparation of the restaurant's dishes are likely to make you salivate with envy. Seafood, Norman lobsters or meats grilled in the brazier, the meal is a ceremony that takes place from aperitif to dessert. The Péché Iodé Reserve, it is a place where the ballet of estuary birds mixes with that of waiters and chefs. 

Menu or a la carte?

Type Price
A la carte 9 € - 19 €
A la carte 14 € - 59 €
A la carte 19 € - 36 €
A la carte 9 € - 11 €
Adult menu 19 € - 28 €
Children's menu 15 €

Take advantage of the location of the restaurant (between the sailing school and l'Orne estuary) to organize a half-day or a nature day with water activities, a walk in the ornithological reserve which adjoins the estuary and a meal against the backdrop of the sunset. 

Au pied des marais


The restaurant with 300 wine references!  

Let's continue our culinary experience with a stop at a restaurant in Varaville (commune located a short distance from Cabourg). In this gourmet restaurant, tasty dishes, white tablecloths, a refined menu and a caring team will welcome you to ensure you have a pleasant time. And if you enter Thierry Ramard's restaurant, try one of the two emblematic dishes: pig's trotters or duckling cooked on a spit in the fireplace. 

The price of the menus in all this?

Type Price
Adult menu 28 €
Adult menu 45 € - 65 €
Children's menu 14 €

And as you are Au pied des marais, choose a little discovery surroundings and let yourself be surprised by the nature that abounds not far away.

Le Poisson d’Argent


A journey through the Five S's 

Season, Flavor, Location, Healthiness and Simplicity: these are the 5 key words of the restaurant's cuisine. Silver fish from the Hôtel les Bains de Cabourg – Thalazur. When you enter, you will embark on a meal which, through the Five Ss, will undoubtedly stimulate your five senses.

A menu full of flavors and lightness

If you have some time, we invite you to continue this experience of the senses with an à la carte thalassotherapy treatment or with a stroll by the sea to fill up with sea air. 

Le Bouche à Oreille


One menu per season between land and sea

Our journey of culinary experiences leads us to Cabourg, the Queen of the Côte Fleurie. In its range, the seaside resort guides us into a taste epic where the Word of mouth makes all the difference. In this gourmet restaurant, the chef revisits, throughout the seasons, traditional French cuisine through local products: fish from our coasts, local meat, market vegetables... Don't miss the lobster bisque, the restaurant's signature dish. home in all seasons! 

We have mouth watering!

Type Price
Adult menu 47 € - 58 €
Adult menu 35 € - 41 €
Adult menu 86 € - 98 €
Children's menu 16 €

Au Word of mouth, the menu varies according to the seasons and arrivals. One more reason to come back and enjoy culinary experiences between land and sea, in a refined and retro-modern setting. 

Le Baligan


The ultimate marine restaurant 

Wetsuit, fins, mask, net, harpoon: if you are not comfortable with the perfect diver's paraphernalia, we have something much simpler to offer you. Direction the Baligan to enjoy delicious iodized dishes.  

Here you dive into the sea, but without getting wet! It's all in the decor and... on the plate where fish and seafood from the Channel mingle with the flagship products of our region. Lobster is in the spotlight, and Saint-Jacques is celebrated in autumn-winter with a menu entirely dedicated to it.  

A menu that’s amazing!

Type Price
Adult menu 24 €
Adult menu 39,90 € - 90 €
Children's menu 18 €

Do you prefer to eat with chopsticks rather than a fork? So try it Baligan Sushi, located right next to the restaurant. Take your meal to take away and take advantage of your immersion in the range of the resort to explore the surroundings and admire the Belle Époque villas of the town of Cabourg. A circuit is also available in download right here ! 

Aroma Cabourg


A fine and elaborate restoration in a cozy and cozy setting

Daily menu or à la carte, here the flavors and textures are multiple. At Aroma Cabourg, Victor and Guillaume take you into fresh and tasty cuisine. Once through the restaurant door, you enter a relaxing atmosphere where the pastel decoration and the green ceiling have their little effect. Settle into a soft bench seat or a cozy velvet armchair. Order a few tapas to open the meal, and let yourself be carried away by flavors that delight and do you good!

Tapas, menus or a la carte?

At the pantry, we fell in love with their pasta, truffle & prosciutto di parma.

Type Price
Adult menu 23 €
Adult menu 19 €
Adult menu 37 €
Children's menu 10 €

La Calypso


A secret garden that hides many flavors  

The culinary experience of the territory continues along Avenue Alfred Piat. By going up it for a few dozen meters, you will come across La Calypso, a restaurant hidden in a very surprising family home! The first surprise begins with the discovery of an intimate garden, full of flowers and trees, in which you can have lunch. The second continues with the 6-stage chef menu, where the dishes will only be revealed to you once the plate is served on your table! If you enjoy bistronomic cuisine but surprises make you too impatient, there is always the menu! 

The check, please !

Type Price
Adult menu 24 €
Adult menu 30 € - 36 €
Adult menu 43 € - 52 €
Adult menu 110 €
Children's menu 17 €

The garden of La Calypso hides many other things such as a sauna, a Nordic bath or even a jacuzzi®. Discover its other secrets by consulting the page of Spa le Castel.



The meeting of North and South  

As you will have understood, there is no shortage of experiences in Cabourg. In this gourmet restaurant, discover how two enthusiasts – a chef from the North and a sommelier from the South – harmoniously combine Norman-inspired gastronomy that respects the seasons with wines with subtle tastes and stunning colors. This Symbiosis flavors, you can savor it through 3 menus (discovery, initiation, tasting), which are respectively in 4, 5 or 7 acts!

In table!

Type Price
Adult menu 49 €
Adult menu 69 €
Adult menu 95 €

And if you are more into a relaxed and uninhibited atmosphere, the Symbiosis has another surprise in store for you. In addition to the gourmet restaurant, it has a contemporary tasting bar to share your plate (or not) with your guests.

The Balbec


The charm of the Belle Époque 

We couldn't dream of a better setting to end our Cabourge journey! Direction The Balbec, the gourmet restaurant of the Grand Hôtel de Cabourg, which combines old-world charm and modernity, all facing the sea.

It is here, more than a century after the passage of Marcel Proust, whom Chef Cano invites on the trip. It will surprise you with unexpected combinations, like chocolate and mushrooms. But its signature dishes, such as red mullet with southern flavors or traditional Grand Hôtel sole, will satisfy more… traditional palates just as well!

be tempted !

Type Price
Adult menu 95 € - 135 €
Children's menu 29 €
Brunch 98 €
Brunch 45 €

If you want to enjoy the setting of Balbec without going through the gourmet menu box, the Grand Buffet en musique (one Sunday per month) should please you!

Now it's time to take the Marcel Proust Promenade and head off in the direction Houlgate, the Pearl of the Côte Fleurie, which has nothing to lose in terms of its gastronomic offerings.



The Michelin-awarded  

This journey will therefore end in the surroundings of Houlgate. In this final stretch, we take you, first of all, to the only restaurant awarded a Bib gourmand (Michelin) in our region: Eden.

This gourmet restaurant, off the beaten track, is located a stone's throw from the shopping street. Here, chef Tougard celebrates the sea and local products through a menu accompanied by the vegetables and herbs that grow in his garden. If you only taste one dish, we recommend the chef's specialty: lobster ravioli.

How much does the entrance (to the garden) of Eden cost?

Type Price
menu from 30 €
Adult menu 38 € - 49,50 €

We suggest you complete this culinary discovery with a cultural curiosity! If your back is to the sea and you go up rue du Général Leclerc, you will come across a little-known square, Place d'Hastings. On the ground there is a paving dedicated to William the Conqueror with: a helm, a boat, a pennant and 1066, the year of the conquest of England. Read on to find out more.

La Terrasse


The traditional restaurant worthy of a bistronomic 

A little closer to the beach is a chic, relaxed traditional nugget noticed by Gault & Millau: La Terrasse. This restaurant with traditional cuisine invites you to taste freshly caught fish and seafood enhanced by seasonal vegetables.

In fine weather, these dishes are, of course, to be enjoyed on said sunny terrace! 

Take advantage of the place and then stroll along the Roland Garros Promenade and take the time to admire the horizon on the benches facing the sea, like the Impressionists. A circuit is also dedicated to them right here.

Les Passantes


We go back and forth over it 

Let’s continue our Houlgataise progress with a touch of humor: Les Passantes, it would be a shame not to… pass by! Indeed, the owner of the place, chef Lehoucq, trained in Parisian star establishments. He distills his experience into the dishes of his bistronomic restaurant and it shows on the plate. The products are carefully selected and the dressings are finely executed. Here the fish will always be a guarantee of quality. For what ? Because the chef's brother is a fisherman! The quality meat is not left out and as proof, the pâté en croute is even the restaurant's flagship dish.

A menu that should not be missed

Type Price
menu from 34 €

After your visit to the restaurant Les Passantes, take the opportunity to, of course, review the magnificent Belle Époque villas with the villa tour from Houlgate.

Iodized Lands

    Gonneville sur Mer

The gastronomic inn 

Let's end this gastronomic tour by going to a beautiful half-timbered inn, with discreet charm and tasty cuisine. 

At the gastronomic inn Iodized Earths, Chef Deidda takes care of your taste buds. Sit down in the large, refined and bright room and prepare to taste unique dishes, which are renewed every month, respecting the seasons. 

Take the time to savor

Type Price
menu from 27 €
Adult menu 59 € - 71 €

But also take the time to observe the natural heritage not far from the restaurant. Iodized Earths. Depending on the tide times, set off to discover the Black Cows cliffs by borrowing the 12 km loop which will take you between land and seaside. Then rest at the Aulnettes inn and enjoy a tasty breakfast.

Our culinary experience of the territory ends here. Now all you have to do is make one (or more) choices. And if you are looking for other establishments, don't forget to request a free personalized stay book to obtain, in your phone, a list of restaurants corresponding to your tastes. For more information, contact the tourist office teams.

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