Published on 20 February 2022

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Going on a weekend in Normandy is good, but finding what to do is better! In order to make your task easier, the tourist office has concocted a list of 7 ideas for you to spend a good weekend in Cabourg and take full advantage of the tourist assets of our resort. Sunset, thalasso, brunch, horseback riding: get ready to awaken your senses!

1. Enjoy a sunset on the terrace, facing the sea

Whether you arrive on Friday or Saturday evening, one of the first things to do when you are in Cabourg is to enjoy a sunset. Fortunately on our beautiful resort, we have a few sea view terraces to allow you to enjoy this beautiful spectacle that is both magical and intoxicating.

From east to west, here are the 4 terraces which are accessible from the Promenade Marcel Proust: The dike cafe, snack, Casino brasserie, Beautiful Site, Biquet's.


The little extra:

They also do catering. You can thus go from the aperitif to the evening meal without having to leave your chair! Some call it pragmatism, we prefer to call it: the Norman art of living.

Whether or not you dine at the Brasserie du Casino, you can continue your evening by testing your luck at the slot machines !

2. Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation at the thalasso

Hydromassage bath, jet shower, massage therapy, pressotherapy, massage, exfoliation, facial and spa treatment: if these words delight you, it's because you've found the second idea for a great weekend!

I'm a sushi, goodbye worries!
Rich in mineral salts, trace elements and vitamins, the warm seaweed wrap allows the body to remineralise, rehydrate and eliminate toxins.

And yes, the thalassotherapy Les Bains de Cabourg Thalazur has the art of taking care of you. If you have decided to go for a full relaxation weekend, be aware that in addition to à la carte thalasso or spa treatments, the Thalazur thalasso offers you short stay discovery packages (1, 2, 3 nights) with breakfast, 3 treatments (including a massage) and access to the wellness area.

3. Horseback riding: in communion with “sea nature”

Horseback riding is the perfect activity to alternate moments of relaxation and adrenaline rush. You can, for example:

  • serenely enjoy and immortalize the panorama well seated on your mount, but also
  • gallop across the beach and feel the salty evening air caress your face and fill your lungs.
Thomas BOIVIN ©

Communion with Mer nature tempts you but you are a little apprehensive about the ride? No worries ! You do not need to descend from a family of jockeys or to have validated your third gallop to practice horse riding on the beach of Cabourg.

On our territory, we are lucky to have many service providers who offer this type of ride, and in particular in small groups (5 to 6 people maximum).

Our service providers

To go horseback riding on the beach

4. Go around the world in mini-golf

For this 4e idea, we suggest you go around the world in mini-golf! Here you don't need gasoline to move forward, a little elbow grease and flexibility in the hips are enough.

Le Cabourg mini-golf, it is an open-air course, made up of 18 holes with a view of the sea, along the Marcel Proust promenade. From Big Ben to the Eiffel Tower, passing by the Statue of Liberty and the pyramids of Cheops, it's a good moment of relaxation, laughter and “come on, go straight ahead” that awaits you.

5. Discover Belle Époque architecture: the circuit of villas

At the tourist office, we have created several circuits to allow you to discover all of our territory. One of these is called the Cabourg villa circuit, and as the name suggests, it takes you through the resort to discover eclectic-style Belle Époque villas. Villa Coquette, Villa Hurlevent, Villa Belle Lurette or Villa l'Argentine, these are the names of the 30 buildings that you will enjoy discovering along your route.

Departing from the tourist office, the circuit will take you to Villa Bon Abri, which has become the Villa du Temps retrouvé : a museum space devoted to the world of the Belle Époque and the heritage of the Côte Fleurie.

6. Land yachting

On the beach of Cabourg the wind, we tame it! the kitesurf is certainly the activity par excellence to take advantage of the strength of the waves and the power of the wind. But our little finger tells us that the conqueror in you is not yet ready to wet his little feet.


Fortunately, the tourist office team is there! We therefore offer you the yachting : an alternative just as sensational as kitesurfing and which will have you spinning on the sand and sliding downwind!

Stop your Ben-Hur tank! I can't it's too windy

Sitting in a chariot made up of 3 wheels and a fixed mast, driving is simple since there are only two controls. The first corresponds to the sail (to vary the speed) and the second, to the steering. The rest is up to the wind! In the right conditions, the sand yacht can cross the 40 to 60 km/h mark.

Even if the peaks of speed are impressive, sand yachting remains a family activity. While some will appreciate the sporty side, others will quietly enjoy the landscape.

7. Stroll around the Cabourg market

If you like good fresh produce, you can go to the Sunday morning market. It is located under the halls of Cabourg, opposite the hotel la Champagne Ardenne. This is an opportunity to bring back good local products with you to cultivate the memory of Norman sweetness, after returning home!