Published on 3 April 2024

Reading time: 1 min

Every year, the tourist office innovates to celebrate the famous 1er April with a touch of mischief and a lot of humor. In 2024, the team is no exception to tradition by launching a most surprising initiative: a fake online store with sweaters with humorous punchlines!

“Raide Dives de toi”, “High as 3 apples”, “Sorry, I don’t have a Monet” phrases which did not go unnoticed on the social networks of the tourist office during the 1er April 2024. Whether on Facebook or Instagram, lovers of Normandy and our territory have had the pleasure of discovering the fake collection of sweaters with 100% Norman phrasing.

An action full of humor and mischief which aimed to question the community and find out their interest in this type of product.

Find the fake online store below, and don't hesitate to give us your feedback via the basket/form, even if April 1st has passed!