Posted on 17 July 2023

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The Cap or not cap challenge continues! You have 6 challenges left to complete by the end of the year. Missed the concept? We tell you everything here.

Heading or not heading is a series of 12 challenges to be carried out throughout the year or when you come to our territory. With family or friends, let's go for a series of laughs and memories through Normandy.

les défis de l'office

Did you know?

Since the beginning of the year, the team from the tourist office has been running, cooking, rolling and even wetting the jersey to meet the challenges. Are you looking for evidence? They are on video, just below.

January: Benjamin takes a swim in the sea

February: Juliette climbs the 100 steps in less than 2 minutes

March: Marie-Dominique honors local products

April: Juliette and Marjorie visit the 4 museums of the territory

May: Amélie starts the day with yoga on the beach

June: Alexandra, Clément and Morgane test the bullster

Are you up for it or not ?

And if you achieve at least 3 challenges, you are entitled to a diploma!

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