Published May 26 2023

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This itinerary takes you on a discovery of the terroir of Normandy Cabourg Pays d'Auge. Follow the guide, let yourself be inspired and surprised along the winding roads. Do not hesitate to cross the doors, the Normans will be delighted to make you discover their trade or their passion.

This route can be followed over several days, you can absolutely choose to go through a few stages one day and continue your discoveries the next day. Some places also often invite you to stroll. Staying there for a few hours will allow you to fully appreciate the benefits.

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1. Mesnil de Bavent pottery

9 min drive


1. Mesnil de Bavent pottery

    9 min drive


This mythical place steeped in history has been home to craftsmen since 1842. You can only fall under the spell of the period buildings and the women and men who work there using the same know-how as in the XNUMXth century. Guided tours and workshops are offered there. Picnic tables are also available in the "lost garden" just after the Manor on your left, where two peacocks will keep you company.

Just after the pottery workshop is " the pottery village » where artists, craftsmen and designers exhibit all year round: upholstery, bags and small leather goods, glass beads, decoration and flea markets, painters... Do not hesitate to visit them, they will be delighted to see you to discover their passion and their creations.

2. Domaine des Terres Rouges – Verger de Roncheville

    5 min drive


Labeled Nature and Progress, this 100% organic orchard made up of 400 different varieties of apples is the perfect place for a relaxing moment with the family. Strolls, picnics (some wooden tables are even sheltered from the rain – or the sun), mini-golf, Norman farm presenting 26 different breeds of hens, rabbits, pigs… Pascale and Eric have landscaped 3 hectares of the estate with passion and love of the land for our greatest pleasure. The pretty wooden shop adjoining the reception also allows you to buy good local products before leaving. The little extra: tasting of apple juice, cider and pommeau before purchase!

3. Colvert Pond

    20 min drive


Ideal for a quiet moment with the family or to live a unique experience. Here you can fish your trout to cook at home in the evening. Picnic tables, on-site catering, provision of barbecues and rental of fishing rods. The perfect spot to combine gastronomy and conviviality in the heart of nature, in the middle of the Dives marshes.

4. Arts and Crafts Area

    10 min drive


Impossible to talk about arts and crafts without mentioning Beuvron-en-Auge, labeled "Most beautiful villages in France". The Artistic Professions Area (in place of the old school, behind the tourist office) welcomes cabinetmaker, photographer, porcelain decorator, potter, cutler, chocolatier. Further on, the village square encourages strolling along the half-timbered houses which house cafes and shops.

5. Dupont Estate

    10 min drive

    Victot Ponfol

This family cider estate for 3 generations opens its doors to you for a visit of the distillery, the orchards and a tasting with the enthusiasts of the estate. The specialty: Calvados AOP Fine, Hors d'Age, 12 to 50 years and vintages. But also “apple wine” and cider with special cuvées such as the “Cider reserve” aged six months in barrels having contained Calvados or the “Cuvée Colette”. To get there, go through the white gate and walk to the parking lot on your left at the end of the driveway.

Calvados Dupont

Calvados Dupont


6. Desvoye cider farm

    11 km drive


Cider producers since 1826 from father to son and daughter. It is possible to visit the farm, the cellars and the recent installations. In 2020, the AOP Pays d'Auge special cuvée “Premières” cider received the Gold Medal at the Normandy cider competition.

Ferme cidricole Desvoye

Cider farm Desvoye


7. The Manor of Angoville

    5 min drive


15 hectares of apple trees are grown on flint clay hillsides exposed to the sun, where cider vinegar, apple juice, cider and other local products are produced in the traditional way.

Le Manoir d’Angoville

The Manor of Angoville


8. The Farm of a Thousand Streams 

    6 min drive


Located in the small village of Cresseveuille, Méline and Antoine farm on 5000 m2 including 500m2 under greenhouse, a range of diversified seasonal vegetables from organic farming. They don't work their soil and they only use peasant seeds selected first for their taste! They offer farm tours and are happy to be able to show off their market gardening activities and sell their colorful vegetables, rich in nutrients and with preserved flavors, to their visitors on site. 

Ferme des Mille Ruisseaux

Thousand Streams Farm


9. Lieu-Roussel Farm

    8 min drive


Educational farm and certified organic operation since 2017. Ideal place for a family outing as close as possible to the animals. Upon arriving, you can head to the large shed on your left. The owner will welcome you there with a quiz for children and will tell you where the donkey, cows, sheep, sheep, pigs, goats, rabbits, beehive, rooster and hens are. Picnic tables are available. The visit is free (3€ per person, payment is made before leaving) or guided by reservation.

10. Bois Aulnay Farm

    7 min drive

    Gonneville sur Mer

Traditional farm where it is good to stop. The owners raise laying hens, dairy cows but also produce cider, apple juice, milk jam, honey and potatoes. Every year in July, a farm day in the form of a farmer's market is organized to allow everyone to savor good products and spend time with the animals. Otherwise, you can stop by the shop all year round.

11. Houlgate covered market   

    4 min drive


Want a sweet break and taste a typical Norman speciality? We advise you to plan a passage through the covered market of Houlgate where it is possible to buy some. The Brotherhood of Gastronomes of Teurgoule and Fallue has also had its stronghold in Houlgate since 1978. Teurgoule is a dessert of rice and sweetened milk flavored with cinnamon, cooked for a very long time in the oven at low terracotta. Its name would come from the grimaces made by the gourmands while tasting the still steaming dessert as soon as it comes out of the oven (Teurgoule, torgoule: twists the goule – the mouth).


12. Fish markets      

    3 min drive


Do not hesitate to take the time to observe the ballet of trawlers landing their catch of the day: fish, shellfish, scallops depending on the season. The best is to come early in the morning, a little before the opening, on a day when the tide is high at this time (the tide times are available at the tourist office or directly online). Here the fish is guaranteed 100% fresh. Something to have fun!

13. William the Conqueror Art Village

    7 min drive


It is nestled in the city center, a few minutes from the port. Just behind the porch, the magnificent half-timbered buildings that are organized around the main square are definitely worth a visit. You can also discover the tourist office and the shops of the artists, merchants and craftsmen of the village : wooden toys, art gallery, handcrafted jewellery... In season, nights with entertainment for the whole family are offered on Thursday evenings.

14. Les Coques de Cabourg

    7 km drive


A nod to the famous shell buried under the sand of Cabourg, these chocolate shells will delight the greediest among you. The realism is striking but there is no doubt: this is indeed a sweet creation: crunchy, melting and crispy combining praline with fleur de sel, cinnamon and caramel.

15. DUPONT with a tea

    1 min walk


A veritable institution of the Côte Fleurie, the creations of pastries and chocolate shops have been unanimously acclaimed by locals and passing travelers since 1912. The historic shop in Dives-sur-Mer is still open. There are 3 new addresses, including Cabourg, where you can enjoy a treat accompanied by a cup of tea.

16. Geppetto shavings

    16 min drive


Francis Claudel is a wood turner and opens the doors of his workshop to you to discover his creations. His specialty: unique wooden pens. But not only. In his impressive Ali Baba's cave, this craftsman also exhibits lamps, shaving kits, jars, key rings and other decorative objects. Possibility to request a tailor-made creation.

17. GonneGirls Farm

    8 min drive


At the head of this diversified farm, two women. The two friends, who have drawn their knowledge from the four corners of the world and who campaign for soil regeneration, have built mobile chicken coops, one of which is simply called "it's rolling my chicken". They offer for sale – among other things – their production of organic vegetables (about thirty different varieties each season) but also eggs from the 1 laying hens raised in the open air. If you pass by the shop in season you can take the opportunity to go freely to say hello to the gallinaceans.

18. Brasserie des 9 mondes

    10 min drive


The two Norman brewers draw their inspiration from Scandinavian mythology to offer 4 different types of beer: blonde, red, brown and amber. The manufacturing workshop is located in the heart of a ZAC, do not hesitate to go past the car garages and continue straight towards one of the last large hangars at the end of the street.