Published on 29 April 2024

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Are you knowledgeable about William the Conqueror and the facts that sealed his history with that of the village of Dives-sur-Mer? So test your knowledge on the subject by answering our 10 questions, and perhaps you will do flawlessly!


10 questions about William the Conqueror

Question 1: At what age did William become Duke of Normandy?

  • 5
  • 8
  • 14

Question 2: In the year 1066, William put all the chances on his side by surrounding himself with a solid army. How many men does it consist of?

  • 5 men
  • 10 men
  • 15 men

Question 3: After 3 months of construction, how many ships left for the English coast?

  • 2, but very big
  • 300 beautiful boats
  • 1 who set off for the English coast

Question 4: What is the name of William the Conqueror's iconic boat?

  • The Aroma
  • La Mora
  • alohomora

Question 5: Aside from William, how many other people fought to obtain the famous crown?

  • 1 person: Harold
  • 2 people: Harold and Harald
  • 3 people: Harold, Harald and Howard

Question 6: What is the name of the battle that allowed William to become king of England?

  • The Battle of Hastings
  • The Battle of Westminster
  • The Battle of Worcestershire

Question 7: What first name does Guillaume have in England?

  • William
  • Harry
  • Billy

Question 8: In Dives-sur-Mer, where can we find the coats of arms of Guillaume's closest companions?

  • On the marina
  • On the pillars of the medieval Halles which house the weekly market of Dives-sur-Mer
  • On the pillars of the church tower, last vestiges of the time of the Duke of Normandy

Question 9: A list of 475 of Guillaume's companions was engraved in 1862 on the wall of the nave of the Notre-Dame de Dives church. What is its particularity?

  • Struck with light from a certain angle, it reveals hidden names
  • The fighters are listed in alphabetical order of first name.
  • Beyond the participants in the Battle of Hastings, it lists the Norman lords who contributed to the submission of England

Question 10: Which of these famous Americans inherited their name from one of William's companions?

  • Walt Disney (from Isigny)
  • Geronimo (from Gerrots)
  • Henry Ford (de Beaufour-Druval)

The answers

  • Issue 1: William became Duke of Normandy at the age of 8.
  • Issue 2: William put together an army of 15 men.
  • Issue 3: 1 boats set out to conquer the English crown.
  • Issue 4: the Mora. Moreover, the association which bears the same name offers an immersive journey, workshops and activities throughout the year but also a reconstruction site for the said vessel. More information here et book your tickets here.
  • Issue 5: these are Guillaume (Norman side), Harold (English side) and Harald (Norwegian side). Find out more about this battle here !
  • Issue 6: This is the Battle of Hasting.
  • Issue 7: William
  • Issue 8: under the Medieval halls from Dives-sur-Mer.
  • Issue 9: the fighters are arranged in alphabetical order, according to first names.
  • Issue 10: it's Walt Disney. Besides, if you go to the Dives-sur-Mer tourist office, you will see on the walls certain names of companions of our king of hearts, including that of Isigny.

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